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2018 Holiday Gift Guide

This seasons gift guide is a combination of classic Basin Harbor items and Vermont gifts that we think are very special.

Day 1

BH Dog Collars & Wagathas Dog Biscuits

Day 1 is our adorned custom chair ribbon dog collars. These collars are durable and colorful fit for every furry friend.

Available in Red/Navy, Turquoise/Dark Blue, pink/green and lilac/green. $24.00


Pair our collars with Wagathas Dog Biscuits. They are VT USDA certified organic dog biscuits. These wonderful treats are made from honest ingredients in a fully licensed human grade bakery. Share the love with your furry friend this holiday season.

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Day 2

BH Etched Wine Glasses & Daily Choclate

Day 2 is our custom etched wine & Champagne Glasses. This glassware is beautiful and high quality.

Pair delicious handmade chocolate from our neighbors Daily Chocolate for a wonderful gift. Order some today for holiday parties or for your friends.

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Day 3

Boat Burgee & Donation to The Maritime Museum

Day 3 is our Basin Harbor Boat Burgee. This is a great item to decorate your home, boat, or college dorm with.

Also consider making a donation to our neighbor the Maritime Museum. Give the gift of Knowledge!

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Day 4

BH Julia Gash Serving Tray & Douglas Sweet Shortbread

Day 4 is a 14.5″ long serving tray with a whimsical drawing of BH and its iconic landscape. This piece is a great conversation starter and can be used for cocktail, cheese and even jewelry.

We have paired this tray with Douglas Sweets Shortbread. A traditional shortbread with a twist of Belgian chocolate, spice and exciting flavors all made in Vermont! A great item to display on your new BH tray!

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Day 5

BH Ceramic Boat Bag & Hollyhocks Flowers

Day 5 is a must have. This ceramic replica of a canvas boat bag has a waterproofed interior great for floral displays or you can enjoy your traditional uses as a pen holder.

Paired with this gift is Hollyhocks Flowers in Vergennes. Get someone special a beautiful original arrangement with unique textures and color from this locally owned business. You can put them in your new ceramic boat bag.

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Day 6

A Centuries Pass & VT Coffee Company

Day 6 is a wonderful read written by 2nd generation host, Allen Penfield Beach. This book highlights the history surrounding Lake Champlain, the industries of the time and the war of 1812. This a great reminiscent of the weekly history talks.

Pair this great read with some coffee from Vermont Coffee Company. The big flavor and complex character of this company’s coffee highlights the unique style of slow roasting beans in small batches. All roasted locally in Middlebury, VT.

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Day 7

BH Julia Gash Tote Bag & Provisionary

Day 7 is a mini canvas tote with a screened printing of BH on it. This bag is perfect for lunch, toys, or whatever else you deem important.

Paired with this bag is Provisionary Vermont. These boxes bring Vermont charm and taste wherever you may be!

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Day 8

BH Playing Cards and Dakin Farms

Day 8 is our BH playing cards. These cards will remind you of sitting in one of our Adirondack chairs while you play. They are available in Red or Blue!

Check out our neighbor Dakin Farm for all your Vermont specialty foods. Dakin Farm specializes in pure VT maple syrup, smoked hams and turkeys, cheeses, and gift baskets! Bring Vermont anywhere you go!

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Day 9

BH Vineyard Vines Ties & Shelburne Vineyards

Day 9 is our classic Adirondack chair ties from Vineyard Vines. These ties are great for all kinds of occasions. They are available in Classic Navy with yellow chairs or Light Blue with Red chairs.

Visit our Neighbor in Shelburne Vineyard for the finest quality wine from northern varietal grapes. Check out their award winning wines and experience the taste of Vermont.


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Day 10

BH Cloisonné Ornament & The Vermont Country Store

Day 10 is our custom cloisonne ornament. This ornament is handcrafted, 24K gold plated. This one of a kind piece captures the beauty of our Basin Harbor Landscape.

Head to southern Vermont and visit The Vermont Country Store. Family owned since 1946 this classic country store has something for everyone.

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