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When Activity Meets Tranquility

Active Tranquility at Basin Harbor Club

Nestled in Vergennes, Vermont, Basin Harbor Club lake resort is situated alongside 120 miles of Lake Champlain. For over a century, guests have been coming to our lake resort that offer spectacular views to explore, recharge and reconnect with loved ones, massage therapists who will knead cares, and miles of lake to romance travelers.

We like to call such an environment “active tranquility.” The meaning of active tranquility implies the rejuvenation of minds and hearts in a tranquil space; some of our vacation packages perfectly fit this mold. Vacation packages come in combinations of spas, beauty and personal care. In addition to Yoga and Pi-Yo, we’ve recently added ZenTangle to its fitness exercise schedule. ZenTangle is a method of making patterns through sketching. Deciphering them has been shown to relieve stress, increase focus and overall health in practitioners.

Our L.O.V.E package includes lodging and dining for two, a cruise, and wine selections. The Float Your Boat package is a more active one. The full experience comes with basic amenities such as dining, WiFi, heated pool and tennis and golf courts. It also includes Kayaking, motor boating and jet skiing venues. Check out more packages here.

We urge all of our first time and returning members to enjoy the many pleasures of the Basin Harbor Club. This stunning lake resort offers a marriage of land and lake that is auspicious!

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