view of harbor from lodge lawn
view of harbor from lodge lawn
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Basin Harbor, A Green Resort

Visitors from near and far have cherished the scenic beauty and natural serenity of Basin Harbor for more than a century. As we see it, part of our responsibility to our guests, to our legacy as a family-run business, and to the land itself—not to mention the wider planet—is to pursue as sustainable an operation here as possible.

Our Commitment to the Environment as a Green Hotel

We’re proud to hold a “Green Hotels in the Green Mountain State” designation from the Vermont Business Environmental Partnership Program—which unites Vermont hospitality businesses working to prevent pollution and adopt sound environmental plans—and proud that our Golf Club at Basin Harbor was the very first course in the state to achieve Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Golf Course status.

As our fourth-generation host Bob Beach, Jr., puts it, “We are dedicated to preserving and improving our 700 acres of tranquility and reducing the carbon footprint on a local and global level.”

Basin Harbor’s BASIN Project

That dedication to sustainability is also expressed in our multifaceted BASIN Project here at the resort, which encompasses our ongoing conservation and environmental efforts.

They include composting all of our food waste, using LED light bulbs, heating our outdoor pool with solar panels, maintaining energy-efficient appliances, and pursuing ecologically responsible long-term Forestry and Renewable plans.

We also partner as much as possible with local producers and purveyors in our on-site dining: a benefit not only to the environment in terms of reduced transport costs but also—and not insignificantly—to the wonderful, seasonally attuned flavors our guests get to enjoy on the plate!

Reducing Our Footprint While Preserving Our Magic

Tucked into the Champlain Valley, treated daily to the lovely expanse of Lake Champlain and the wild prospect of the Adirondack Mountains, we’re reminded at every turn of the preciousness of Basin Harbor’s setting and the responsibility we have to minimize our environmental impact. That green-minded goal goes hand in hand with our pledge to continue giving our guests—whether longtime returning ones or brand-new visitors—the same oasis of Vermont splendor and luxury hospitality that has defined the Basin Harbor experience since the 19th century.

We consider ourselves stewards of this place more than owners, and our stewardship means caring not only for this specific swath of lakeshore but also the well-being of the global ecosystem that knits everybody on the planet together. We take our status as a “green resort” very seriously!