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Basin Harbor Club’s First-Class Multinational Staff

Here on beautiful Lake Champlain, Vermont, much of the appeal of our rural location is in its quiet charm and historic American feel. While staying in a quaint cottage on the shores of Lake Champlain, our visitors enjoy a relaxing retreat from the bustle of everyday life. They also experience a little bit of nostalgia, reliving the unique sense of community and excitement shared by generations of families on their summer boarding retreats. But at Basin Harbor Club, we value our guests’ cultural experiences just as strongly.

A World-Class Multinational Staff

Every year, our dedicated staff welcomes a host of multinational students, professionals, and other workers from all corners of the globe. Now in our 129th season, Basin Harbor Club is proud to report the addition of staff from England, Ireland, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, and many European countries, as well as from Jamaica, Argentina, Mexico, and other Southern locales. We treat our team like family, and as they become acquainted with American life, our Lake Champlain visitors are exposed to some of the most interesting cultural perspectives this side of the Atlantic.

Superior Hospitality and Cultural Experience

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Each season, our cherished guests forge some of the strongest bonds with our international employees. Whether taking in the views of the Adirondacks in one of our dining rooms or seeking adventure with our variety of water sports, visitors can expect top-notch hospitality from our diverse team. Our multinational men and women love to share their fascinating stories with guests eager to listen, providing families interesting, informative discussion while they enjoy our resort’s vast array of amenities.

Since the majority of our workers come to America with a special seasonal visa, many of them are wide-eyed students looking for a fun but educational professional experience. They become skilled aides for our lodgers, offering unbeatable services in all areas of the resort. If you’re playing a round on the golf course, relaxing at the spa, or taking part in a group class, make sure to spark up a conversation with one of our knowledgeable multinational staff members.

Summertime Entertainment with a Touch of Education


Younger members of your family will gain valuable knowledge and experience interacting with people of different cultural backgrounds. While our counselors and staff communicate conveniently in English, they’re more than enthusiastic about sharing details of their country’s customs and language. From Moldova to the Philippines, Slovakia to Jamaica, we search far and wide for the warmest, friendliest, most helpful staff to deliver customer service befitting our high standards. Here at Basin Harbor Club, we’re dedicated to providing an all-around fulfilling experience.

So, when you visit us this season in gorgeous Lake Champlain, Vermont, remember to have a chat with one of our friendly international–or American–staff members. They’re excited to share in the fun, adventure, and excitement of your summer experience on Lake Champlain.