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Basin Harbor Packing List

Staples to pack on your Basin Harbor vacation

Wine on the porch

The Basin Harbor season is approaching fast, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome our guests for a brand-new year of rest and recreation along the leafy shores of Lake Champlain! 2017 marks our 131st season, we hope you’ll be joining us!

But wait—what should you be packing for your blissful Vermont getaway? Let’s run down some of the essentials—and a few optional but highly recommended items, too…

For Your Comfort

Tote along your preferred sunscreen as well as shades and a sun-protective hat: wide-brimmed’s best, but a baseball cap will do in a pinch. The hat is especially important if you’re going to take advantage of our new-and-improved waterfront and enticing fleet of boats, which range from paddleboats, canoes, and kayaks to powerboats and pontoons.

If you’d like to take part in some of the many outdoor recreation offerings, you’ll want to come prepared. Pack a comfortable pair of sneakers to enjoy a walk to Button Point. Remember we have tennis courts and an 18-hole golf course, so you’ll want to bring appropriate footwear if you’d like to take part. The preferred mode of transportation at Basin Harbor is your bike; guests are welcomed to bring their own, or we have several for rent down at The Boat Club. Daily and weekly rentals available (helmets are provided). If you’d like to enjoy our swimming area, you may want to consider bringing a water shoe. Lake Champlain continues to play host to the zebra muscles that love to find their home on the rocky shores of the Lake; we have shoes for sale if you don’t have any.

Speaking of pests…If we could arrange it so that mosquitoes didn’t pester you here in the Champlain Valley, believe us—we would. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee those pesky, whiny-winged buggers won’t try to get to know you during your Basin Harbor escape: It’s a reality of the Northern summer. So pack whatever bug repellent you prefer.

We’d also recommend packing a sweater or light jacket for the delightfully crisp summer evenings that typically define our valley. Vermont Summer days are warm even hot, and once the sun goes down, the cool breeze can pick up to cool down your tanned skin. Layers are always recommended.

The Wardrobe Department

You’ll most certainly want a swimsuit with you: a trip to Basin Harbor wouldn’t be complete without a swim in the Lake. Guests of all ages enjoy our water trampoline, boats and diving board. We also have a heated swimming pool that is open for the entire season if the Lake is too cold for your likely in the Spring or Fall.

We highly recommend dinner at Ardelia’s: For one thing, you can’t top the views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks, and, for another, the cuisine—overseen by our executive chef, Christian Kruse—is absolutely exquisite. Ardelia’s does encourage a dress code, so bring along your “dressy casual” attire—or maybe go all out and dress to the nines!

And speaking of your wardrobe, why not bring along your snazziest costume for Disco Night over at the Red Mill Restaurant? (You really don’t want to miss that.) Theme nights at The Red Mill will be listed on their facebook page.

Seasonal Changes

There’s an old saying in New England: don’t like the weather? Wait a minute…This can be too true, so we’re accustom to layering to be prepared for anything! Our guests really enjoy their wood fireplaces in many of the cottages in Spring and Fall to stay cozy. Scarves and a heavier sweaters are great in the Autumn in Vermont.

In July and August we’re used to weather in the high seventies, some Summers it climbs up the high nineties. Humidity varies, but lucky for us, we’re next to a beautifully refreshing body of water!

Reading Material
Enjoy a good book

Here at Basin Harbor, our guestrooms and cottages don’t have TVs: a tradition we’ve maintained for decades. Hey, we’ve got nothing against the small screen: We just know our guests appreciate the serenity and slower pace established by our woodsy waterfront perch.

From the beach to the sofa, an idyll at Basin Harbor’s absolutely ideal for doing a little good old-fashioned reading. So whether you prefer them in old-school or digital form, come visit us with a book or three in tow!

We hope this checklist of sorts is useful for planning your upcoming visit to our gorgeous grounds in the Champlain Valley—and don’t forget that you can always touch base with us if you have any questions! We look forward to hosting you in 2017!