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BHC Sponsoring Young Chefs

ACORN (Addison County Re-localization Network) is working to re-localize the economy of Addison County through building relationships and forming connections among local growers and farmers and consumers, like Basin Harbor Club. One of their strategies to achieve this is by stimulating enthusiasm of local students. ACORN aims to reach the younger generation and shore up positive impact in their communities. Basin Harbor stands with ACORN in supporting opportunities for our local culinary community, especially when it comes to our young chefs.

Basin Harbor has been invited by ACORN to help sponsor the Lincoln Community School team in their upcoming event that promotes Farm to School programming. We’re providing twenty aspiring culinaraians with their very own 10 inch saute pan. This item will help build their inventory of culinary tools and will help them succeed in achieving their culinary goals in the future.

Basin Harbor Executive Chef, Christian Kruse, shares his thoughts on the program: I am really excited to have the opportunity to work with Annie from the Addison County Re-localization Network. She and ACORN are actively promoting self- esteem, leadership and teamwork into the younger generation to make positive impact in their communities in the future. I have an opportunity to motivate the next generation of young chefs in this region to continue their passion and dedication in the culinary field. This is a great opportunity for Basin Harbor to reach out to our community to build a long lasting relationship.  

We’re also sponsoring a local team with their very own chef jackets as they will soon be participating in the Junior Iron Chef competition. We wish them all good luck!

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