view of harbor from lodge lawn
view of harbor from lodge lawn
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What’s Your Basin Harbor Story?

December 2013.

As many of you know, one of the most special parts of a Basin Harbor vacation is the recognition that our staff have for returning guests. They are part of our family and as such, our history. Here are some of our guests stories.

Francesa Sibble. Third Generation Shopkeeper at Cardullo’s Gourmet Shoppe in Cambridge, Ma. and guest of 8 years. 

“The store was opened in 1950 by my grandfather, Frank Cardullo. It was one of the original international food stores in the country. We were the first store in the U.S. to sell Walker’s shortbread in the 60’s. The store was handed down to my Dad, then handed down to my sister and I 5 years ago. As a child I remember playing in the coffee bean drawers and helping my Dad do window displays until midnight. My Mom would get upset that we came home so late. In many ways the store has stayed the same and in many ways it has changed. Retail is changing and we need to keep up with the times. 

My husband had visited BHC at some point during his time at Harvard and his return home to Buffalo, NY. He was thrilled at how much I loved it when we spent a night there around 8 years ago. We love the tradition, we love the slower pace, we love everyone we’ve meet and we love how unchanged BHC is, but yet it still keeps improving.   

I love seeing Mr. Beach Sr. around the property and it makes me miss my grandfather. I love how Pennie and Bob are able to work together and have their strengths just like my sister and I. We always feel so warmly welcomed at BHC and truly wait 51 weeks to go. Secretly I’m hoping our daughter has her wedding there, but she’s only 11 and already working as the fourth generation at Cardullo’s Gourmet Shoppe. “

I had a chance to finally visit Cardullo’s and browse the aisles filled with old world chocolates, mustards, teas, biscuits…..heaven for a foodie and so nostaglic. I hope anyone who has a chance to visit Harvard Square stops by and says  hi to Francesca and Isabella. This is another generational family business robust with tradition and heritage. ~ Jen

What’s your Basin Harbor Story? Send it along, we will share it with our family! Email us at