view of harbor from lodge lawn
view of harbor from lodge lawn
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Best Hotel for Fall Foliage in Vermont

You can find autumn foliage all around the world outside the tropics, but the best of all—and we’re not alone trumpeting this—bursts forth in New England. The Green Mountain State lays claim to an awful lot of this multicolored glory, and luxury resort accommodations at Basin Harbor, smack dab along the heavily forested shores of Lake Champlain, give you the ideal H.Q. for soaking it all in.

Fall Colors in the Champlain Valley

Diminishing shares of daylight as fall approaches set in motion the shift in our gorgeous Vermont hardwood trees from summer green to autumn fire: Chlorophyll, the pigment responsible for that world-sustaining process of photosynthesis as well as the green hue we classically associate with foliage, shuts down production, which means other leaf pigments literally shine forth for a short but sweet time on the main stage.

Maples and birches, aspens and cherries: It’s a feast of color, made more brilliant and extensive than just about anywhere else on Earth thanks to a confluence of climatic, geographic, and ecologic factors. Soaking up New England’s fall color show is its own seasonal pastime—“leaf-peeping”—and it draws not only people from around the region and around the country but from all over the world.

Enjoying Vermont Fall Foliage as a Basin Harbor Guest

Here at Basin Harbor, we’re open until October, which means you can use us as a fabulous (and luxurious) base camp for leaf-peeping in and around the Champlain Valley.

Our stellar accommodations, amenities, and geographic position alone would recommend us as a fall-foliage base of operations, but we also offer this unique attribute: On our shores, you can enjoy a double show of smoldering foliage courtesy of the reflections of Lake Champlain. You’ve got a view of the lakeshore woods as well as the Adirondack heights that comes magnified by the glassy waters.

Keeping Track of the Vermont Fall Foliage Bonanza

We’re still a few weeks out from the beginning of our regional forests’ autumn color turn—which means now’s the perfect time to lock down your luxury resort accommodations at Basin Harbor! You can keep track of the unfolding of fall color via’s official Fall Foliage Reports. Come celebrate the close of another unforgettable Basin Harbor season—and the extraordinary pigment-popping virtues of our local hardwood canopies—with a genuinely world-class leaf-peeping getaway at Basin Harbor here on Lake Champlain!