view of harbor from lodge lawn
view of harbor from lodge lawn
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BHC Love Stories: Series #1

Basin Harbor Club Love Stories: A lifetime of memories at our Vermont resort.

Everyone loves a good love story. And we get to share lots of stories every year. Vacationing at here at Basin Harbor is so much more than a visit. It can be an experience, a destination, a story even a love story;  between families, friends (new and old) and newlyweds. But how can a vacation be a love story? There are so many facets of Basin Harbor that make annual visits special, so many nuances that you take for granted. Many times we find ourselves telling people that you “just won’t get it” unless you are here at BHC. So how better to share the experience with you than to share some of our favorite “love stories”.

#1 in our series is Maura, Vito and Sophia.

1. When did you start coming to Basin Harbor? Our family started coming to BHC in 2007.

2. Why did you start vacationing at BHC?   Living in Manhattan, we realized we needed to start exposing our young daughter to the peace and tranquility of the green mountains and breathtaking panorama of Lake Champlain. A family friend had started vacationing each summer with her children and grandchildren at BHC and had no doubt that this was the quintessential destination for us.

3. What keeps you coming back?  The minute we leave BHC at the end of August all we can think about is coming back. We are desperate to get back to the feeling that BHC indulges us in physically and mentally, well-being. It is undeniably our home away from home. We spend a month here each season.


4. What one thing makes you smile when you think of BHC?  The one thing that makes me smile when I picture BHC is the arresting tableau of the lake.

5. How has BHC affected or changed yourself/your family/vacation time?  We are so devoted to our vacation at BHC that we take a month off from work to spend it frolicking around property, something we had never done before. Lasting friendships made here amongst families we hold dear to our hearts. Our daughter has a special freedom and independence and we have peace of mind. The camp day and evening, the Bingo, story-telling and talent shows bring me back to my fondest childhood memories that I never thought I could capture and recreate for my daughter. Of all the vacations you can plan each year, this tradition is regarded as sacrosanct.

Tradition and family are important in this busy world. And Basin Harbor Club & Resort understands that. Our tradition is provide exceptional hospitality year after year. For 129 years in fact. Visit to learn more. #mybhc #vermontvacations #family #senseofplace