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Meet and Retreat in Vermont

It’s Time to Host Your New England Meetings In Style

Basin Harbor Club has been a first-class resort for 129 years. Providing guests like you with the ability to relax and soak in the timeless beauty found all around, Basin Harbor Club features an inviting atmosphere and plenty of lodging options for you to choose from. This vacation hot spot is perfect for hosting meetings, giving you and other attendees a comfortable environment to improve your organization’s operational processes.

With free access to high-speed Internet, there’s no need to worry about being able to stay in contact with workers back in the office. In fact, at Basin Harbor, you can easily connect with workers and people from all over the world via social networking sites, video conferences and more.

We understand that space is of the utmost importance. After all, a crowded meeting leads to inadequate communication and ineffective learning. This is why we provide you with nearly 9,000 square feet of meeting space. If you’re looking to host a meeting outside, we can make it happen. Many guests who take advantage of our outdoor meeting settings state they enjoy enhanced creativity.

There are more than a few group activities that you and your guests can take part in when staying at our resort, including hiking, kayaking, scavenger hunts and more. If you’re not sure which activities will best fit your group, there’s no need to fret. Simply let us know your reason for staying at our lovely resort and we’ll help you plan the perfect business getaway.

When you are able to draw your employees out of the normal office workspace and into an outdoor setting, creativity and innovation are likely to flow. Staying for the weekend at our resort can do much to bolster the operational success of your company. You and your workers can come together in a way that boosts interpersonal communications in the work place. With this type of work atmosphere, productivity is optimized.

Our traditional meeting rooms are abundant with six distinct meeting areas. You and your employees will enjoy access to a spacious Town Hall room, lobby and lounge, a sun porch, boardroom and more. The Club Room serves as the perfect meeting space to make a presentation, Palisades meeting room works perfectly for small meetings. Our non-traditional meeting rooms include ropes courses, Adirondack hikes, canoe races and many other invigorating group activities.


All rooms in any of our three, 5-star lodge feature coffee makers, hair dryers and other valuable amenities. You’ll even have access to our private beach, and you can delight your taste buds at any of our four restaurants. The Red Mill Restaurant is perfect for grabbing a bite of delectable American cuisine at lunch or dinner.

As far as relaxing, we offer an assortment of spa services. From massages on the beach to aromatherapy treatments, we are experienced in providing restful services to meet all of your relaxation needs. Other services offered include:

* Deep tissue massage

* Manicures and pedicures

* Swedish massage

It’s also at our lovely resort that you’ll be conveniently located near the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum as well as the Bixby Memorial Library, both of which are worth visiting. Whether you’re visiting the Basin Harbor Club for business or pleasure, we can meet all of your lodging accommodation needs as well as your entertainment and business needs. As a top Vermont lake vacation destination for over a century, you can’t go wrong when booking a room at our one-of-a-kind resort.

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