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Bob vacationing with family in Panama

Greetings from the Beach family-Happy Holidays to you all!
Bob, Wendy, Merle, and Dan spent a very festive Holiday in Panama. We watched the big ships go through the canal, went off the grid at an Eco Lodge in the jungle on the Caribbean.  We zip lined on trees that were 150 feet tall, and visited native villages.  Our family spent Christmas at the rainforest where we fished on Christmas day, just off the Panama canal with monkeys jumping in our boat for food.  Riding horses in the mountain towns and relaxing on the sunny beaches of the Pacific was as great as it sounds.  A great trip which I would recommend to anyone!
This picture is of Merle and Dan with the Chief of an Embreera native American village.  They enjoy maintaining their culture and were accessible with a guide and a one hour dugout canoe ride up a long river complete with waterfalls. Approximately two hundred folks live there.
We hope you all had fun over the holidays and can’t wait to see you back at Basin Harbor in 2012!

Best wishes to you all,