view of harbor from lodge lawn
view of harbor from lodge lawn
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Couple Feature: Sue and Shelly

Couple Feature: Sue and Shelly 

We’re really honored to share the story of Sue and Shelly with you. They will be getting married at Basin Harbor Club on Saturday, May 24th.

Sue and Shelly met at a mutual friend’s house and found themselves running into each other over the following months. The serendipitous meetings lead them to spend more, planned time together and a relationship began. As relationships do, they lost touch for a period of time, but again crossed paths and the spark reignited; and that was eight years ago.

The years went by, the relationship grew,  and the two knew that they were committed to one another. It became a joke between them that Shelly never wanted to marry because she always felt that marriage did not mean that  a person was any more or less committed. Sue would often jokingly ask if Shelly would marry her and Shelly would always reply in a playful, silly way.  Such as the time Shelly sang along with a Bruno Mars song “I’d do anything for you. I’d even catch a grenade for you, But I won’t marry you” from that point on that was Shelly’s tag line. Through all of the playfulness and jokes, Shelly found her feelings toward marriage evolving.

Their engagement began with a book Shelly made for Sue that she titled “Our Story, Past, Present and Future“; a picture book of their story including the wonderful memories the two had shared over the years. This book was given to Sue on Christmas Eve. The last page of the book was a picture of an engagement ring Shelly designed for Sue with the caption:  “I’d still catch a grenade for you. And I’d love to marry you. Will you marry me?” And then Shelly presented the ring to Sue.

The two knew they wanted to get married by the water and after a sleepless night, Shelly wound up on the Basin Harbor website looking at our Spring Wedding Special. After speaking to Anne, they learned there were only two available dates left; one of which being May 24th; this is the birthday of Shelly’s late nephew, Tim. The significance of their wedding date was  so special and made them feel like Tim led them to Basin Harbor.

Their vows will be a wonderful celebration of the couple as well as a tribute to Tim. Shelly and Sue said that “after seeing the breathtaking views of the water and dealing with the amazing, caring staff [they] realized there was no other place we would want to marry.”

We are so thrilled that you will be sharing your special day with us, Shelly and Sue. We wish you all the happiness in the world!

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This photo of Shelly and Sue is during a tour in the Ranger Room, the venue they chose to have their reception in on May 24th.