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Golf Tip of the Day


Want to improve your putting and at the same time feel the pressure that you would experience on the golf course – then try this!

While on the putting green with only one golf ball – putt the ball to a hole (trying to make the putt). If the ball goes in fine! But if you miss and the ball comes to rest less than 3 feet from the hole then move the ball back to three feet from the hole and putt from there. If the ball comes to rest outside of 3 feet (say 5 feet) then putt from where the ball is lying.

Your goal is to go 18 holes without a 3 putt! If at any time you 3 putt, you start over! To add a little excitement to the game, don’t leave until you have successfully completed 18 holes without a three putt. If you would like to take it to the next level, then try it with 3 golf balls at a time rather than just one – with the same rules! I’ll guarantee that you will be more focused and become a better pressure putter!