view of harbor from lodge lawn
view of harbor from lodge lawn
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Farm Update

Farm Update 7/21/15


All of a sudden it’s almost August! With June being one of the rainiest ever, this growing season got off to a wild start. Most of the vegetables made it through the wet weather, but the greatest challenge was the inability to cultivate or weed all month. Now that it is consistently warm and drying up, the weeds have taken off! 

At this point the bulk of planting is done, aside from a few succession plantings of crops like lettuce that I plant regularly to keep the supply coming throughout the season. At this point my job as a farmer is to keeping the plants free of disease, pests, and weeds to ensure they continue to produce.  


Some of the crops I am harvesting these days are fresh onions, parsley, tomatoes, lettuce, kale, scallions; swiss chard, and more. And of course, pea shoots and micro greens are in constant supply. Look for these and more on your plate any of the restaurants on property, and come on down to the farm to see where it’s all coming from!