view of harbor from lodge lawn
view of harbor from lodge lawn
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Fresh Food Farm Update

An Update From The Farm


 Soil is arguably the most important part of growing quality vegetables. Many growers, including myself, believe that if you manage your soil well, the vegetables will grow themselves.  It takes many years of good management to build quality soil. 

Can you imagine a handful of wet clay, and a handful of wet sand? Which would dry out faster? The ideal soil has a balance of clay and sand to hold in just enough water for the plants, but also provide adequate drainage so that the soil does not remain saturated. 

Here at Basin Harbor Club, and around most of Addison County, the soils are very heavy and wet because they are mostly clay. This means that in the spring, while growers with sandier soils may already be planting in the field, we are waiting a little longer for our heavy soils to dry out so they can be worked. 

Eventually we’ll get there! For now I’m continuing to seed new plants in the greenhouse every week and plan ahead for when our soil is ready to be turned.Once we can get into the fields, we can plant them up with little vegetable seedlings that will grow into the produce you’ll see on your plates all season long.  

~Farmer Megan