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Happy Earth Day

It is a perfect day to reintroduce you to all that we do at Basin Harbor for the Earth. It is, and always has been, very important to be stewards of the land, ambassadors to local food and sourcing and  to celebrate the natural landscape of Vermont and Lake Champlain.

As you may know Basin Harbor Club is a Green Hotel of The Green Mountain State.  The resort grounds and our golf course are  Certified Audubon Sanctuaries that are part of the Audubon International Program. We have nearly one hundred species of birds and and we have set up a Habitat Program to encourage more diverse wildlife to relocat to our 700-acre property; including three Osprey platforms, some of which are already in use for this season.

For over twenty years we have been committed to a large scale Compost Program that converts over 60 tons of waste per year into usable material for our grounds and gardens. We have committed to revitalizing our recycling program this year with an increased amount of receptacles around property and a more committed staff that ensures recyclables are disposed of properly.

We are proud that we have reduced energy consumption by 20% in the past four years and took part in the Efficiency Vermont Energy Leadership Challenge. The installation of a modest solar array, displays our vested interest in alternative power. Six Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, including three Tesla Charging Stations were installed in the fall of 2014 and we continue to encourage our guests to park their cars and leave them for the duration of their stay by switching to foot or bicycle.

Since the beginning of Basin Harbor Club in 1886, it has always been a priority of the Beach Family to enrich the land and always keep a small footprint, and that will continue for another hundred years. Over the coming months there will be updates and news regarding our ecological and sustainability efforts that will be referred to as The BASIN Project.

The B.A.S.I.N Project refers to our continued efforts in the following areas:

  • Fresh Food Farm
  • Electric Automotive Program (golf carts and charging stations)
  • Efficiency Program
  • Compost Program
  • Habitat Program
  • Forestry Plan
  • Audubon International Program
  • Renewable Materials Program
  • Lake Champlain Basin Protection