view of harbor from lodge lawn
view of harbor from lodge lawn
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Happy Fourth of July!

Next to Thanksgiving, July Fourth is our favorite holiday.  It’s all about people – families and good friends getting together to enjoy one another’s company (with good food of course!).  And we love all the red, white and blue clothing!

We always get a lump in our throat at the flag-raising and singing those wonderful patriotic songs.  Keep your fingers crossed that the buffet breakfast will be able to be outdoors this year!

We’re fortunate to be able to celebrate beside Lake Champlain, the historic waterway that had such a big impact on the country’s formative years.  In a world where things are constantly changing, it’s awe-inspiring to think that the view from the Lodge lawn has been essentially unchanged throughout time.

Imagine what you would have seen over the years – birch bark canoes with native Americans, Colonial bateaux, English fighting ships, sail or horse ferries, more English warships during the war of 1812, canal boats, steam ships, fuel barges pushed by tugs (that supplied the Air Force base at Plattsburg, NY), and all manner of pleasure craft, all with the backdrop of the majestic Palisades.

Did you know that we used to shoot off our own fireworks for years and years?  We loved seeing them arc over the water, and so did all the people who came by land or sea.  Unfortunately, the workers’ comp carrier didn’t share our enthusiasm and questioned the safety – although there had never been an accident.  Now we pay the folks at Northstar to shoot them and they like the airstrip location better – so we’ll see you there at dusk on the 3rd!

Best wishes for fun with friends and family and happy birthday to the  good ol’ USA!

Warm regards, Pennie