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Hotel Near Button Bay State Park

As a guest of ours at Basin Harbor, you don’t only have the recreational and scenic pleasures of our sprawling, historic resort here on the shores of Lake Champlain: You’ve also got ready and convenient access to a little gem of a Vermont state park, Button Bay!

The 253 acres of Button Bay State Park serve as a seamless complement to our own Basin Harbor beauty. Be sure to check it out on your next visit with us this summer!

Button Bay State Park

Button Bay gets its name from the round, calcium-cemented clay formations known as concretions found along its shores. During the Revolutionary War, British soldiers were the first to name this spot “Button Mould Bay” in reference to those concretions (and their resemblance to button-making molds).

The intriguing regional geology also includes little Button Island off the peninsula here: an exposure of a 500-million-year-old fossil coral reef. Speaking of fossils, you may spot some—the petrified relics of long-ago sea snails—along the park’s nature trail.

Button Bay State Park is a major regional recreational hub with its campground, pool, boat dock, and kayak rentals, but it’s also an important conservation site: The Button Point Natural Area within its bounds protects a mature mixed-hardwood forest typical of Lake Champlain’s shoreline ecosystems.

And you’ve got some intriguing colonial history around these parts: Everyone from Ethan Allen to Benjamin Franklin passed through the Button Point vicinity at one point or another.

Button Bay Activities

Whether it’s hiking the nature trail, going for a swim, casting a line, or taking a paddle, there are many ways to experience the tranquil beauty of Button Bay State Park. This happens to also be a fine place for a bike ride: A portion of the 363-mile-long Lake Champlain Bikeway, which circumambulates the entire lake in Vermont, New York, and Quebec, passes through the park.

Ospreys, bald eagles, terns, mergansers, white-tailed deer: Keep your eyes peeled for Champlain Valley critters during your Button Bay visit, whether you’re on the trail, on the bike path, or paddling the shoreline.

An Easy Day Trip to Button Bay State Park During Your Basin Harbor Getaway

You can easily bike or boat your way to Button Bay State Park from Basin Harbor, given we’re neighbors. Combine its ecological and geological attractions with our luxury lakeside resort’s many blandishments, from gourmet cuisine and world-class spa treatments to golf, tennis, croquet, and of course a rich array of on-the-water activities: a Vermont vacation of the highest order!