view of harbor from lodge lawn
view of harbor from lodge lawn
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A Very Important Date…

With our Alice In Wonderland Garden.

alice2015Every year, our garden designer sits in the winter sunlight, surrounded by jars of brightly colored pens and pencils and starts sketching out the blueprints to the fabulously gorgeous gardens of Basin Harbor Club. We are always jealous of Rebecca Lindenmeyr of Linden Landscaping & Design.

2015 marks the start of a 5 year plan to add theme to our 15,000 square feet of flora. The highlight of this upcoming season will be our Alice in Wonderland Garden. Also known as the Wilderneath Garden, Rebecca is planning a whimsical garden with the traditional roses, tiger lilies, daisies, violets and larkspur. The Queens Court will be represented and the Cheshire Cat will be hiding somewhere. You can look down the rabbit hole, you can try the door and hide under the toadstool. Weekly parties are planned along with two ticketed Wonderland Teas during  the summer season. The garden will be subtle but a statement and Rebecca’s interpretation of the story timeline and how a garden can be a respite from the chaos of the world as it was for Alice.

“Like Alice, we are all trying to find our way through the nuttiness, define who we are, have a bit of fun and get back home.” Becca Lindemeyr