view of harbor from lodge lawn
view of harbor from lodge lawn
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Johanna Setta, NC

As part of the expansion of our Wellness Programming here at Basin Harbor, we are excited to introduce Johanna Setta, NC. She is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and creator of the WELL + FED program on a journey to clear up food confusion and put the power of health back in her clients hands. Her unique approach to nutrition combines modern science and solid nutritional theory with super practical steps that are customized for your individual body and lifestyle so that you can reach your health and performance goals. Johanna’s holistic approach goes beyond nutrition, bringing in movement, mind-body connection, and self-care activities to your personalized plan. She believes in balance and that working with a nutritionist should be first and foremost, fun!

Johanna looks forward to making food a nourishing and pleasurable part of your vacation. She believes food is medicine and should be enjoyed as a powerful tool for health and overall wellness. She has a decade of experience working in the world of food and wellness. Her background is rooted in organic farming, food policy, and wilderness therapy. Please say hello and introduce yourself to Johanna if you see her on property! She is a wealth of knowledge and looks forward to elevating your experience at Basin Harbor with tools you’ll take home.

Create your wellness experience at Basin Harbor by signing up for a one-on-one personalized nutrition consultation with Johanna today. Choose to have your sessions in the private office at the Wellness Center or she can meet you at an alternate location on property. Enjoy meeting down by the water with the breathtaking Adirondack views, walking the property, or on the patio over tea! Whether it’s fueling for increased energy, supporting your mood with food, healing your digestive health issues, curbing your sugar cravings, learning more about intuitive eating, finding your optimal weight, or something else. Treat yourself and become more Balanced. Whole. Healed.

Johanna’s services are available to Basin Harbor guests and members. She is Vermont based and also see’s one-on-one clients virtually from all over the world. If you are interested in working with Johanna prior to your arrival, you can connect with her at or 802-266-1106. Find out more by going to and following her on instagram and facebook @johannasetta.

Come feel nourished, whole, and well during your stay!