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Why We Love BHC: The Nunes Family



Basin Harbor Club, The Ultimate Vermont Resort Experience

We love our guests, and here at Basin Harbor, they love us right back. That’s why we get so many nice notes and letters about how much people enjoy their experiences with us. Some of those experiences turn into real Basic Harbor love stories. Until you come check us out for yourself, you really haven’t seen all we have to offer, but these love stories and the people who send them to us can give you some really great ideas about the kind of time you’ll have when you spend time at our beautiful resort.

What Kind of Experience Can You Expect at Basin Harbor?

We received this from one of our repeat guests, who had such a good time with her family she really wanted to share it with us. Letting us know how much she valued her time with our Basin Harbor family meant a great deal to us, and still does. Here’s what she had to say:

“Our family of five consists of Paul and me plus our three children, Jon, Charlotte and Michael. We have been visiting Basin Harbor since 2005 when we made an impromptu three days mid week trip. Our children Jon, Charlotte and Michael were three, five and eight at the time. We knew no one there but had what I would consider our first great family vacation. Paul and I had a couple of dinners sans children while the kids went to dinner camp. We all hung out together by the lake during the day. The weather was perfect! We have continued to visit every summer at least once and this year we have decided to try out Harborween for the first time sadly with just four of us as Jon is away at college.”

“What gets us coming back is that it is the best quality family time you can find. Even though we all have made so many BHC friends over the years, it is the one place where every Nunes is at their laid back best and wants to hang out with the other Nunes members. We just love the four hour car ride up and then the excitement of driving in to the resort. Everyone looks forward to the first lunch at the Ranger Room! What makes me smile is that every Friday since we have visited we take a family snap shot in front of the lake at the Main Lodge before we head into dinner. The snap shot pretty much captures the what a great week we have had. The one year I did not use the snapshot for the annual Christmas card, I had a family revolution by Jon, Charlotte and Michael. The children are now in charge of the Christmas card photo selection.”

We love that she told us why she comes back, and you’ll want to come back again and again, as well, after your Basin Harbor experience. But her story doesn’t end there, She goes on to help us understand how much she looks forward to visiting, and how coming to Basin Harbor has cultivated family relationships and friendships that are becoming even more important through the years.
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“Over the ten years, we developed another family. Our BHC family who we not only look forward to seeing in August but we meet up with them throughout the year. Some of the children have become virtual siblings, face timing each other almost every night.”

Basin Harbor is more than just a place to visit. It’s a place to build a vacation that can turn into so much more. You can spend time with family and friends, and develop new relationships with the people who value their time with us as much as you do. Come on out to Basin Harbor, and start building your own treasure trove of memories. You can start creating your own love story, right here with us.