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Marcia’s Dippidy-Do-Dah! Cherries

We prefer to get these as gifts but they are fun to make as well! And the packaging can be very fun.12376164_10153849508385850_3074248613210465516_n



Maraschino Cherries with Stems
White Chocolate – Dark Chocolate – Milk Chocolate for Dipping. It’s your choice!
Your Favorite Liquor  or Cordial ~  Bourbon is always a hit




What to do?


Pour off  the juice of the cherries
Replace with the liquor of your choice – Covering all the cherries
Marinate for at least a week (longer the better ie stronger!)
Open a second bottle of your favorite liquor to help you wait for the cherries

Melt the chocolate according to type.
White chocolate can be a bit of a challenge in melting so what I have found to work best is the following method:
Add broken up pieces of chocolate or chips in a small bowl
Microwave at low heat for 30 seconds. Stir chocolate. Microwave again for 30 seconds
If when stirred the chocolate is still resistant and too thick, microwave another 10 seconds

Helpful Hints:
Lay out parchment paper or wax paper to place your dipped cherries on to dry.
Keep in a cool place until packaged.
Chocolate chips come in many flavors and melt easily with the above method.
Have some fun experimenting with different flavored chocolates and liquors.
Use caution…can be way too much fun to make these!