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Refreshing Your Vermont Vacation

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If you’re one of our countless returning guests here at Basin Harbor, you know it’s just about impossible to run out of things to do here.

Perhaps, though, you’ve gotten into an (admittedly pleasurable) vacation routine. Far be it from us to encourage you to mess with a good thing, but here’s a friendly enjoinder to consider mixing it up every once in a while!

We call it “refreshing” your vacation: enjoying the very same destination, but tweaking the experience here and there. Besides the fun that trying something new offers, a vacation refreshment also opens your eyes to the different dimensions—and maybe some hidden surprises—of a place you thought you knew like the back of your hand.

Here are just a few suggestions for refreshing your vacation at Basin Harbor!

Try a New Season

Autumn at Basin HarborAlthough Basin Harbor’s a summer resort, our doors stay open into early autumn. If you’ve only ever experienced our lakeside paradise in high summer, we strongly encourage you to get a taste for the transitional stretch at the onset of fall. The crisper weather’s lovely for hiking, paddling, and fireside hangouts, and the earliest turn of leaf color gives you some quintessential Vermont photo ops.

Arrive by Boat!

Here’s something we’ve just debuted this year and are super-excited about: the Basin Harbor Boat Club! Instead of reaching our resort by car, why not arrive by boat and enjoy decked-out dockage in our new-and-improved private harbor? Your overnight stay gives you complete access to Basin Harbor’s restaurants and other amenities, and meanwhile you get to call a gorgeous Lake Champlain waterfront home for a spell.

Switch Up Your Basin Harbor Accommodations

Even if you’re not a mariner, you can expand your overnight horizons at Basin Harbor. Maybe you’ve had the privilege of luxuriating in our fabulous guestrooms before, but have you tried our private summer cottages? From studios to three-bedroom setups, these havens really immerse you in the tranquil ambience of Lake Champlain, and give you awesome access to its waters for boating, swimming, or fishing.

Make it a Themed Getaway

Kayak TrekWe offer such a huge variety of activities here at Basin Harbor, it’s hard to sample them all, even over multiple visits. One twist on your Vermont idyll could be focusing on one particular activity, or category of activities, while staying with us. For instance, you can try what many Basin Harbor fans indulge in: a world-class Vermont golf getaway on our spectacular course. Or maybe you want to go the nature route and fill your days with guided hikes in the Adirondacks and paddling expeditions along wildlife-rich lakeshores. Or put the focus on regional history: We offer weekly history talks, visits to the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, a self-guided history tour—even shipwreck explorations!