view of harbor from lodge lawn
view of harbor from lodge lawn
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Reunions, Special Events and Group Activities at Basin Harbor

For well more than a century, Basin Harbor has been a sought-after spot for family vacations and other group getaways. Needless to say, our appeal has only grown over the years, with a stellar, evolving lineup of amenities and activities offered against the backdrop of our stunning spread on the shores of Lake Champlain.

Family Reunions, Corporate Retreats, and Other Group Gatherings at Basin Harbor

The beauty of our property, the high caliber and rich character of our accommodations, and all the amenities we offer—from gourmet on-site dining to a smorgasbord of recreational facilities and activities, both on the water and off—make Basin Harbor unexcelled as a destination-vacation and event venue in one of the Northeast’s loveliest landscapes.

Some of our family groups have been staying with us for decades, Basin Harbor becoming an important touchstone for them with an almost timeless quality. Seeing those families return again and again, watching children grow up and bring their own kids to this lakeside haven: These are some of the deepest joys we’re treated to as resort owners.

Family reunions and vacations aside, we’re equally well suited to hosting friends getaways, corporate retreats, and all manner of other group events. We have the extensive luxury lodgings and venues to accommodate gatherings of all scales and itineraries! (If it’s indeed a business getaway or team-building location you’re looking for, don’t forget we’re also comprehensively set up to host meetings, conferences, and the like, making integrating work and play an absolute breeze.)

Group Activities at Basin Harbor

Whether its beachfront R&R, sports and games, or magical forays into our local mountain forests—from the Green Mountains to the Adirondacks—there are just about endless possibilities for crowd-pleasing group activities with a home base at Basin Harbor.

Besides all the self-directed fun—fishing, swimming, boating, tennis, basketball, croquet, biking, and so much more—we can help arrange organized activities for you and the gang. What sorts of group activities? Well, everything from canoe races, low-element rope courses, pitching/putting contests, scavenger hunts, and mini-triathlons to Iron Chef competitions, brewery and winery tours, cooking classes, and other culinary-oriented experiences. Learn more here!

Schedule a Group Getaway at Basin Harbor

Whether marking a birthday with friends and family, treating your employees to a team-building trip, or anything else, choose Basin Harbor on Vermont’s gorgeous Lake Champlain shores for an unforgettable group getaway! Find out more about our layout and event-planning services and/or schedule your event by completing our Request for Proposal form here at the Basin Harbor website today.