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Sarah’s Top Ten

SARAH’S TOP TEN: Top 10 Things to do in Lake Champlain

Sarah Morris is our Director of Sales and Fifth Generation Host. She has grown up at Basin Harbor
and still loves to do these things every summer. Traditions continued.

10. Swimming out to and jumping on the water trampoline.
9. Get flipped off on a big swing while tubing on the Lake.
8. Laying on the Woosh just off the sandy beach. How many people can you fit on the Woosh?
7. Hearing the bounce of the diving board while jumping into the Lake.
6. Watching the Osprey fish in the Harbor. These skilled fishers are back for the 2014 season already!

5. SCUBA diving on a historic shipwreck. Check out the Champlain II wreck across the Lake from BHC.
4. Kayaking to Button Bay and exploring Button Island. Can you find the foundation stones from the old house?
3. Riding the EScape cruise boat on a tour of the Lake. Did you see the Bald Eagle in it’s nest?
2. Stand-up Paddle Boarding to Scotch Bonnet and back. Can you see your cottage from the Lake?
1. Swimming across the Lake and then kayaking back to BHC. A great way to “earn” lunch in the Ranger Room.