view of harbor from lodge lawn
view of harbor from lodge lawn
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Special Touches: Signature Cocktails



We pride ourselves in helping all our couples create a memorable, customized wedding. We love bringing in the couple’s ideas about themes and decor. Signature cocktails are a good way to continue the theme, incorporate the couple’s favorites and have some fun with the name! Here are some tips and ideas we have generated for you to pick the perfect signature cocktail for your nuptials.

Think seasonally: Select ingredients that reflect the flavors of the season. For Summer weddings, play around with fresh fruity homemade syrups. Add fresh berries or citrus for your garnish and keep your guests refreshed throughout the celebration! For Fall weddings, create a hot toddy bar! Pick your favorite whiskey and rum to add to a spiced cider. Hot cocktails are perfect for an outdoor Autumn cocktail hour or receptions! When selecting a signature cocktail, pick flavors that you like. Your selection, especially if it’s hosted, should be one that you could drink more than one of. A stiff martini, although may be the bride’s favorite, may not be the best for the cocktail hour before your guests sit down to eat.

It’s all about presentation: picking a signature cocktail is much more than just what is in the drink. We’re not suggesting a champagne tower, but certainly urging you to consider how your cocktail is presented! Play around with garnishes and glassware to make a statement. A large bright pink blended daiquiri might be delicious on a hot day at the beach, but is not something everyone wants to be walking around, while mingling, with. Food52 suggests that “a drink is an accessory just like a necklace or your mustache: It has to fit with and enhance your look”. They suggest that you should start with your glassware and work backwards to figure out what you’re going to put in it. Basin Harbor has a variety of banquet glassware, but don’t hesitate to rent from an outside company to achieve the right look you’re going for.

Don’t get too crazy: It’s safe to assume many of these will be made through the reception. You don’t want guests waiting in a long time for an elaborate muddled and shaken cocktail (like a mojito). If you’re attached to the idea of a mojito, consider something a little simpler, highlighting the seasonal mint flavor, with a mint julep instead.

Share your story: some couples have a story about a certain type of drink. Perhaps the first date was over awful margaritas and tacos that made you both laugh all night; share that with your guests! We’re not suggesting serving awful margaritas to your guests, but bring in that memory with a tequila cocktail.

Feature local! You may or may not know this but, Vermont has some AWESOME distilleries! Stonecutter Spirits (Middlebury), Appalachian Gap Distillery (Middlebury), WhistlePig Whiskey (Shoreham), Caledonia Spirits (Hardwick) and more! We would love to introduce you to some of the local spirits to help you create a wonderful cocktail for your ceremony, while celebrating and support Vermont!



Have fun with the presentation! Feature your selected drinks in a funky frame at the bar. Signature cocktails are always a great alternative to a full open bar, too! Some couples choose to host wine and beer and just their signature cocktails, making other mixed drinks a cash bar option for guests. This is a good way to save a bit of money, while still having all the options available to your guests.





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