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Wednesday, August 27

August 28, 2014 4:00 pm

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Sunrise 6:10am Sunset 7:38pm

Local Weather (Subject to Change!)
It should be mostly sunny today with highs in the mid-80’s, although there will be a slight chance for showers throughout the day.

Guest News
We are so happy to welcome back our amazing returning guests each year! From Danbury, CT we welcome back Ms. Tirzah Kingsbury! Welcome back to Lillian Brenes from Rockaway, NJ, our very own Chef Juan’s lovely sister! Welcome back Martin Jacobson from Greenwich, CT. Worth Parker joins us from Norwich, VT, Welcome! And welcome to Charles & Jane Glennon from New Rochelle, NY!

Resort News
There is lots to do today, beginning with our Junior Clinics this morning! Let your kids learn the Golf & Tennis basics from our pros. Or try out Pi-Yo in the Fitness Center. This class packs it all into one workout so you can build muscle tone and increase mobility, while burning calories!

Join our fabulous florist, Claire, as she walks you through the fine art of Floral Arranging! Space is limited in the Flower Shop, so make sure to swing by the Concierge to sign up!

The summer may be winding down, but our amazing locally grown cuisine is not! Make sure to make your reservation for dinner early. Get dressed in your best and come to the Main Dining Room for a delicious and classy meal with views of our gorgeous Harbor! Feeling more casual this evening? Head to the Red Mill Restaurant for some fabulous local fare in this distinctive setting converted from an old sawmill…maybe you’ll even see some planes taxing on the airstrip!

Take advantage of this beautiful day to set sail on the Narrated EScape Cruise! Let our trusty Captain show you just why we love our little bit of Lake Champlain so much. You can enjoy the wind and sun while learning a bit more about the history of the area!

Schedule Change
For the remainder of the season our regular Golf Clinic will take place at 10am! Talk to the folks in the Golf Shop to sign up for the clinic, a private lesson, or to reserve a tee-time!

Beyond Basin Harbor
Feel like venturing off property today? There is plenty to do out there too! Vergennes is our own “Little City” and only 10 minutes away. There is great food and quaint shops right on the Main Street. Middlebury is only 25 mintues away and boasts a beautiful “downtown”, with shopping, history, and art, all within ear (and eye) shot of the breathtaking falls! Stop into the Drop-In brewery or Lincoln Peak Vineyard for some delicious tastings. Or head north and make a quick stop at Dakin Farms for more delectable Vermont products. Take a little jaunt up to Burlington to check out the museums, shops, and breweries in our “Queen City”. Our local legends also host factory tours regularly, so don’t miss out on Champlain Chocolate Factory, Ben & Jerry’s Factory, or the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory! Ask the Concierge for directions and information.

Monday, August 25

August 25, 2014 4:40 pm

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Local Weather (Subject to Change!)

Sunshine today with a high of 86 degrees with winds at 6 to 10 miles per hour.


Guest News

We warmly welcome back repeat guest James Martel of Loudenville NY. We wish all of our guests enjoyable days ahead and hope to see you back again soon.

Resort News
Keep cool at the harbor. Escape captain Marty Ferris invites you to indulge in cool aquatic pastimes. Explore the lake and Otter Creek in a canoe, kayak, Sunfish sailboat or a small outboard. For hours of cool fun ask the harbor crew about reserving the Tidewater 19 foot, seven-person powerboat. Keep cool aboard the EScape on an enjoyable one and a half hour narrated cruise as you explore the lake and learn about its colorful past and its geologic formations. Who knows if our maybe mythical, maybe not favorite lake monster, Champ, may decide to make himself known!


Tennis News

Today’s Australian Open is the first of the four majors beginning this week’s U.S. Open Round Robin Week with prizes and refreshments on Friday. There’s more than enough excitement to go around and. spectators are most welcome! Stop by the Tennis Shop. Leoncio would love to meet you and introduce you to the tennis crew.


Blue Chair Day Spa

Relaxing, beautifying and rejuvenating therapies will complete your stay. Choose from Classic Swedish, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue or Warm Stone Massage. Pamper yourself with a Manicure, Pedicure or Waxing session. Reserve your time at the Concierge Desk



Browse the Breezeway Store for your take home vacation gifts, momentos, décor accessories by our Vermont artists and artisans, sweet to crunchy treats, logo clothing and the happiest collection of vacation jewelry you’ll find anywhere. Make sure to hug the bear while you’re there!!


Toby Aronson, classical guitarist,performs in the Main Dining Room this evening.


Basin Harbor History

In the late 1900’s round about when Aunt Ardelia Beach began taking guests into her farmhouse, the

temperance movement and prohibition led to the virtual elimination of Vermont’s commercial beer industry. Today, Vermont ranks first nationally in craft breweries per capita. At Basin Harbor enjoy Vermont made Switchback Ale and also Basin Harbor Ale made by the Otter Creek Brewery. Basin Harbor also serves Wolavers Wildflower Wheat, Von Trapp Lager and Long Trail Ale. The Concierge Desk has a wealth of information about brewery tours and tastings in our area.


We Love Our Guests

Make sure you’re wearing your helmet when bicycling! When driving, take it slow to avoid strolling guests, bicyclists, children playing, guest pets, bustling staff and our valued wildlife.


Friday, August 15

August 15, 2014 8:30 am

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Sunrise 5:58am Sunset 7:56pm

Local Weather (Subject to Change!)
We are looking at a mostly cloudy day again. There is a chance for showers with a high of 70.

Guest News
We are very happy to welcome back Mr. E. Howard & Mrs. Robin Perkins from Greenwich, CT! Rosemary Orr will be returning to us from Montebello, NY to join the Bitetti Reunion. Alexandra & Ted Hermes are coming up from Bethesda, MD. Welcome to all who are joining us today!

All of us here at Basin Harbor would like to wish Rachel Coleman a very Happy Birthday!

Resort News
There is still space available in this morning’s Henna Class! We are lucky to have Rebecca, from Heartfire Henna in Vergennes, coming out to host the class. She has been studying the art and making of Henna for 9 years and will amaze you with her mastery of this beautiful style. Learn all about the Henna plant and how it’s made into the Henna we use on our skin. Try your hand at a design, then let Rebecca free-hand a design for you! Check in with the Concierge to grab those last spots!

End your week with a bang! We are hosting Harborpalooza at the Pool this afternoon! This tropical themed pool party will be rocking! With cocktails, pool volleyball, swan diving, and super silly photo ops, this is one event you don’t want to miss out on! So grab your best swimsuit, your best friend, and your best swim moves, and head to the Pool!

Today is the last day of this weeks special US Open Round Robin! Stop in to finish up the competition and partake of some refreshments. There will be prizes awarded today for the week’s grand winners! Call or stop by the Tennis Shop for more information or to sign up for clinics, private lessons, and court times.

Don’t forget about the Talent Show tonight! Come by the Club Room to check out all the amazing talents and support your friends. Practice will be held in the Club Room earlier in the afternoon so that everyone will be prepared for the evening’s performance!

Finish off your week with a relaxing massage with one of our fabulous masseuses at the Blue Chair Day Spa!  Swing by the Concierge desk to make your appointment today!

Triathlon News
The rain held off for us to complete our Triathlon! We had great participants this week…our winning team was Team GAP: Patrick Schroeder, Abby Seidman, & Grace Nash. The individual Youth winners were Oona Nash and Jack Yanover! The winner for the men was Evan Brush with John Brush coming in as the “experienced” men’s winner! Congratulations to all of our winners and a big thank you to all of our wonderful participants!

Local News
Looking to venture off property this evening? Head to Burlington and check out Guthrie’s Ghost! Grammy Award winner David Bernz leads a rousing tribute to Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger and Lee Hayes, featuring special guest Dan Einbender. This is a free event! Ask the Concierge for directions.

Monday, August 11

August 11, 2014 8:11 am

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Local Weather (Subject to Change!)
A picture perfect Vermont summer day: sunny skies,calm winds and a temperature of 85 degrees.

Guest News
We Welcome Back long-time guests Jon and Liza Davidson of Williamsburg VA.
Elizabeth Crawford and family are returning after many stays to join the Donaldson Family Reunion, and Robert Schweizer is returning after many visits to join the Schweizer Family Reunion.  We welcome back David Thelander of Mill Valley CA. Amy Snyder and daughter Zoe are joining the Snyder Family Reunion today.   We wish all of our guests enjoyable days ahead and hope to see you back again soon.

Resort News
Escape captain Marty Ferris invites you to indulge in cool aquatic pastimes.  Explore the lake and
Otter Creek in a canoe, kayak, Sunfish sailboat or a small outboard.  For hours of cool fun ask the harbor crew about reserving the Tidewater 19 foot, seven-person powerboat.  Keep cool aboard the EScape on an enjoyable one and a half hour narrated cruise.

Tennis News
Today’s Australian Open is the first of the four majors beginning this week’s BHC ATF Tour
Social Round Robin.  Players earn points daily and play for the coveted BHC Crystal Bowl.  There’s more than enough excitement to go around. Spectators are most welcome!

Blue Chair Day Spa
Relaxing, beautifying and rejuvenating therapies can complete your stay.  Choose from Classic Swedish, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue or Warm Stone Massage.  Pamper yourself with a Manicure, Pedicure or Waxing session.  Reserve your time at the Concierge Desk

Basin Harbor’s Historic Gardens
It’s a perfect day to stroll through the gardens.  In their full summer glory their scents and colors are delightful. Ardelia Beach planted flower gardens for her guests in 1886.  Today there are 15,000 square feet of plantings, the largest display of annuals in the state.  The Surprise Garden at the end of the
Main Dining Room is a perennial garden containing two rose bushes over fifty years old.  The Eight Bed Garden in front of the Gardenside Cottages is the oldest, dating from the 1700’s.  Originally it supplied vegetables for a tavern, now our Harbor Homestead Lodge.  The Wilderneath Garden dates from 1915 when it supplied vegetables for the kitchen and flowers for cutting.  It features very old trees and a stone walk made from local Panton marble.  It is known for its textures and scents.  The Sunnypines Garden, near its namesake cottage features a big, old juniper tree and frames a beautiful view of the harbor.

Toby Aronson, classical guitarist, performs in the Main Dining Room this evening.

Planning Ahead
Wednesday at six, Joss Vandal, your Wine Dinner Series host and Chef Christian combine their talents to introduce you to the Wines of Italy and France at a Wine Tasting Dinner in the
Ranger Room.  A true chef’s table.  Guest Host, Phillip Chapell of Calmont Baverage will add his expertise. We ask you to reserve your seat before three today as reservations are limited.

Tennis 101: Serving

July 29, 2014 1:41 pm

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tennis 2

Location of the serve is crucial. The majority of the time
your serve should be up the middle, down the T as I call it, or at
the opponent’s body, but occasionally serve wide to keep your
opponent honest. There are only three spots you should aim for
with your serve. One way to remember these three spots is by
thinking ABC: “A” for the single alley line, “B” for the body,
and “C” for the centerline.
Good doubles’ teams will tell each other in code where
the server is attempting to place the serve, and I’ll discuss
communication on the court in more detail in that section of the
book. In most adult doubles matches, place trumps pace, so
a soft serve in the right place is often more effective that a fast
paced serve. I played a tournament with my father in Monterey,
California. He had an elbow injury and was unable to extend his
arm to get power. He placed his serve so well that he won the
majority of the games at love.
Sometimes the net player will make hand signals behind his
back, asking the server to direct his serve to a particular service
area. If the net person knows the serve is being directed at the
centerline and the net person moves in that direction quickly,
the net person’s ability to poach is increased. The game is often
about anticipating where the ball is coming and a serve down the
center restricts the area for an effective return of serve, which
puts the poach in play.

If you serve wide, you give your opponent a crosscourt winner
because of the angle created. The wider you pull your opponent,
the wider the angle he has for the return. By keeping the ball
in the middle of the court or at your opponent’s body, you take
away the crosscourt angle. However, if you are going to serve
wide, make sure it is an aggressive serve. A poor wide serve
allows your opponent to “slap the ball down the line” for a
winner. Also, by serving up the middle you go over the lowest
part of the net. The wider the serve, the higher the net is. Most
aces are hit up the middle over the lowest point of the net.
In doubles the net person is a pawn of the server. If the
serve is wide, the net person must go wide to cover the alley. The
server now has to cover most of the court since his partner has
been pulled off the court. Keeping the ball in the middle of the
court gives your opponent fewer angles and makes it difficult to
get passed at the net.

Tennis 101: Stretching

June 25, 2014 9:57 am

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Tennis 101: Stretching
Another installment of Tennis 101 from Basin Harbor’s head tennis pro, Erick Collas.

Allot ten to fifteen minutes before you play or practice to stretch. Ten to fifteen minutes of stretching can save you months of recovery from an injury.

One of the priorities in a warm-up, from personal experience, is the calf and the Achilles tendon. I remember my father in his late 30s. At that time, he didn’t stretch much. He ruptured his Achilles and he was in a cast for two or three months, back in the mid 1970s. I also recall two or three incidents in the early 1980s, two gentlemen in their early 50s on the tennis court popped their Achilles. They both described it like someone hit them with a baseball bat. One person was wearing Nike Air tennis shoes that had just come out, and he said it sounded like the air went out of his shoes. When he tried to get up, he just crumbled. The Achilles tendon runs between the back of your calf and your ankles.

You can extend your tennis life by stretching, thus minimizing the pulled muscles and hamstrings that put you off the court for two to three weeks at a time. Remember, this is not stressful stretching, but gentle easy stretches, designed to warm up your muscles. You don’t ever do it until you feel pain. You should do it only until you feel slight pressure. I like to concentrate on the calf, the Achilles, the neck, the shoulder, and the back.

Warm up tips

Practice swings
In professional tennis, you usually warm up two hours before the match. You don’t see that because they’re on a far-end practice court getting ready for their match. The professionals put out a ball. They’ll just grab a racquet and do the serving motion, making a figure eight. You’ll see them do this motion about maybe 20-30 times. Then they’ll grab a ball and start serving. So they do make shadow swings. Most seniors don’t do this, but they can. If you want to improve your serve, actually emulate the toss and the hit seven or eight times. It gets the muscles ready, just like in golf when you do the practice swing.

The Daily Breeze, August 13

August 12, 2013 4:41 pm

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Tuesday Schedule

August 13, 2013  
Week  32       

Sunrise 5:54am
Sunset 8:02pm

Local Weather (Subject to Change!)

A high of 78 degrees is on the radar today, with an 80% chance of precipitation.

Guest News

Basin Harbor welcomes back our returning guests today! We are pleased to see Steve & Kim Comstock from Atlanta, GA, as well as John & Catherine Butcher and the family from Darien, CT. Josh & Tammy Krulewitz are back from West Hartford, CT with Baylee and Joelson in tow, while Marrianna Koval joins us from Cambridge, MA. From Charlottesville, VA we welcome Elizabeth Crawford with Ingrid and Frederick. Great to see you all again! BHC also welcomes a special group today, the Demong and Parker Family, gathering here at the Harbor for some quality time together from Sewickley, PA, Norwell, MA, and our own Middlebury, VT. Have a wonderful reunion!

Happy 17th Birthday to Anna Brush of Virginia Beach, from all of us at the Harbor! This is the 15th year that Anna is celebrating her birthday at Basin Harbor Club, and we hope it’s the best one yet! We are also thrilled to be able to shout out another Happy Birthday to the lovely Jan Post. Basin Harbor wishes you a very special day!

In other news, we would like to report that wordsmith Patricia O’Brien stole a Scrabble victory two rounds in a row from her family on Sunday afternoon. The extended Donaldson family is crushed, but congratulates Patricia. Nicely done!

Tennis News

The tennis staff is pleased to report that they have regained their status as around-the-world champions, as of Sunday’s clinic. Gary Goldsholle was the last guest standing against the pros, and fell just short as the staff moved to 1-0 on the week. Following day 2 of the clinic, the staff is tied 1-1. Congrats and thanks to all who came out and notched a win against Adam, Craig and Catherine. We hope to see you again today!

Fishing News

Some talented anglers joined us at the dock yesterday for our Fishing Tournament. We congratulate Ben Goodman of Ohio and Lorette Lure from Spain for their stellar fishing techniques. Nick Puttre from Spain reeled in the Biggest Fish, a 15” large mouth bass. Meanwhile, Jack Ryzenman from Ohio and Lucas Puttre of Spain tied for their Smallest Fish catches. Well done fishermen and fisherwomen!

Bingo News

Stakes were high for our Bingo tournament on Sunday night! Our first game of regular Bingo went to Trevor Mague of Acton, MA, while Gary Goldscholle from Potomac, MD swooped in for the Postage Stamp win. Picture Frame went to Maddie James of Chatham, NJ, and Oona Nash from Norwalk, CT nabbed the prize for High Stakes. George from Connecticut conquered X Marks the Spot, and Brendan Seidman of Long Island, NY triumphed over Stand Up, Sit Down. Our Blackout game of the night resulted in a tie, with the $271 jackpot split between two lucky fellas Elliot and Greg. Congratulations to our winners! And to everyone else, better luck on Thursday!

Resort News

Ann-Marie will be capturing candid images at various events throughout the day and this evening at the Harbor Fair. Please feel free to say hello and let her know if you have any requests. Our Family Portrait Special will be available tonight at Harbor Fair and Thursday morning at the Wilderneath Garden.  Space is limited, so please sign up in advance with the concierge. Remember that Week 32 group photos from Hospitality Hour on Sunday will be posted on Ann-Marie’s Facebook page, and will be posted on our Basin Harbor page at the end of the season. Stay tuned!

Due to popularity, we are offering an additional Apiary Tour on Thursday at 2:30pm. Sign up in advance with the concierge for this second opportunity to learn about Peter Morris’ fascinating beehive.

Basin Harbor presents two special offerings tomorrow for the culinary enthusiasts in the crowd! These Cooking Classes with Chef Tony will take you through the steps for creating two different classic Italian dishes straight from Tony’s homeland, the Island of Capri. Before settling in Vermont, Chef Tony developed his career across the world, ending up at Vermont’s famous Michael’s on the Hill. Sign up with the Concierge for a Caponata class before lunch tomorrow, and learn how to make Cannoli afterwards. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Did you know that your server in the Dining Room can also sing and dance? Attend Basin Harbor’s exhilarating and surprising Staff Variety Show in the Town Hall tomorrow night, organized by MDR Captain and long-time variety show producer Tom Walsh. The hour-long show kicks off at 10pm, but come early for a good seat when doors open at 9:30 and take advantage of the bar service. You might just see your bartender strumming his guitar on stage later in the evening!


Quote of the Day:

“I’m just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time.” ~ Lady Gaga