view of harbor from lodge lawn
view of harbor from lodge lawn
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The Buzz from Basin Harbor

There are 100,000 or so new employees at BHC!  Peter Morris has become our resident apiarist, and his five hives are the only Certified Naturally Grown bees in Vermont (to date).  Peter uses IPM, integrated pest management, instead of chemicals to keep his bees healthy, no small feat when colony collapse is decimating apiaries all over the US.  Talks with the Beekeeper (or Beek, in apiary jargon) are a new feature of activities at Basin Harbor.

Peter will open the hives to show you brood cells, where baby bees live until they are large enough to emerge, cells with honey in them and drawn comb, the empty cells bees have made with wax which will be filled with either brood or honey eventually.  The old saying, busy as a bee, is very apt.  The bees never sleep and the hierarchy of the hive is very rigid so each bee knows his or her own duty.  They only sting when they are threatened because once they sting, they die.  Amazingly, you can get quite close to the hives with no danger of being stung, but Peter has a bee veil for you to wear so don’t worry.  It’s all quite fascinating!

Are you ready to get out and party?  On August 17, come on down to the BBQ Bonanza.  The fun begins at 4 pm as BHC’s chefs compete for the best BBQ.  There will be beer and specialty cocktails to wet your whistle, and other foods to sample.  And no event can be fun without music, so get set to listen to The Dupont Brothers, Patrick Fitzsimmons, Session Americana, Aaron Flin and Waylon Speed. See you there!

Bob’s son, Dan, spent some time at Camp Keewaydin this summer, joining the family tradition shared by Bob Beach, Jr., and Hasket Morris.  Keewaydin is on Lake Dunmore in Vermont, and has been welcoming campers since 1893, making it five years older than Basin Harbor.  Isn’t it wonderful to think that generations of campers have enjoyed summering here, too?

Happy summer to all!  Pennie