view of harbor from lodge lawn
view of harbor from lodge lawn
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The Daily Breeze, August 20

Tuesday Schedule

August 20, 2013
Week  33  

Sunrise 6:02am
Sunset 7:51pm

Local Weather (Subject to Change!)

A high of 87 is expected on this bright, sunny day! Clear skies tonight will allow excellent full moon viewing. Be sure to look up and enjoy the night sky on your walk home from dinner!
Guest News

Basin Harbor welcomes back our returning guests today, Mr. & Mrs. Alan Roycroft from Westwood, MA, here with the family for a dose of Summer fun. Great to have you back!


Fishing News

Some talented anglers joined us at the dock yesterday for our Fishing Tournament. Ella Garnett and Charlie Garnett each caught three fish, while Jack Garnett reeled in seven. Anna Leverone caught a 3-inch fish to make hers the smallest catch of the day, and Charlie Leverone angled the biggest fish, an 11-inch catfish! Ethan Haas caught the most fish, with a whopping 24! Way to go, anglers!


Bingo News

We had some lucky winners at Bingo on Sunday! Sophia Craven from New York City took home the first Bingo, then came in for a follow-up win later on for High Stakes Bingo. Mark Hochberg of Newton, MA nabbed the pot for Picture Frame, and Duncan Klotz of Weston, CT stole away with the Postage Stamp win. Wilton, CT’s own Rich Dicola scored first for X Marks the Spot, while Sean McInerney from East Chester, NY championed Losers Bingo. Our $143 Blackout jackpot was split between our two finale winners, Alex Vilarin from Westfield, NJ and Sasha Moffly of Weston, CT. Congratulations to our winners! And to everyone else, better luck on Thursday!


Resort News

Ann-Marie will be capturing candid images at various events throughout the day and this evening at the Harbor Fair. Please feel free to say hello and let her know if you have any requests. Our Family Portrait Special will be available tonight at Harbor Fair and Thursday morning at the Wilderneath Garden.  Space is limited, so please sign up in advance with the concierge. Remember that Week 33 group photos from Hospitality Hour on Sunday will be posted on Ann-Marie’s Facebook page, and will be posted on our Basin Harbor page at the end of the season. Stay tuned!

Have you been admiring the lovely dragonflies flitting about the Harbor during your week? Come to the Nature Center this afternoon to make a crafty version of your own dragonfly to take home, using found objects from nature! Sign up with the concierge in advance for Nature Dragonflies, as space is limited. While you’re at the Nature Center, take a gander at our various displays about Shipwrecks, Bugs, Edible Nature, and Geology. Pick up your trail maps and cycling maps, as well!

Speaking of Basin Harbor insects,  we are offering an additional Apiary Tour on Friday at 1:30pm. Sign up in advance with the concierge for this second opportunity to learn about Peter Morris’ fascinating beehive!

You’re on vacation, so how about a little pampering? Massages and Spa treatments are still available today  with our very own Blue Chair Day Spa. Choose from a variety of massage options that suit your every need, and prepare to relax!

What can better than sipping a tasty beverage out on the open waters of Lake Champlain? Sign up with the concierge for tonight’s Cocktail Cruise, and enjoy the wind in your hair with a drink in hand, all before dinner!

Basin Harbor presents two special offerings tomorrow for the culinary enthusiasts in the crowd! These Cooking Classes with Chef Tony will take you through the steps for creating two different classic Italian dishes straight from Tony’s homeland, the Island of Capri. Before settling in Vermont, Chef Tony developed his career across the world, ending up at Vermont’s famous Michael’s on the Hill. Sign up with the Concierge for a Caponata class before lunch tomorrow, and learn how to make Cannoli afterwards. Don’t miss this opportunity!


Quote of the Day:

“Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.”

~ Teddy Roosevelt