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The Daily Breeze, August 6th

Week 31
August 6, 2012
Sunrise and Sunset

5:45am     8:12pm

Local Weather (Subject to Change!)

After some much needed rain last night there’s lots of sunshine in today’s forecast. Enjoy gentle breezes and a comfortable 79 degrees.

Guest News
We Welcome Back the Michael Glew Family of Boston MA after many stays.We warmly welcome all of our guests and wish you wonderful days ahead.

Tennis News
Join the fun and excitement on the courts. The week-long Round Robin format begins today.  The  tournament and the adult clinic will be held at the hard courts.  Stop by the Tennis Shop, meet our pro, Adam Kent, and sign up for the  Adult and Child Clinics and the Round Robin Tournament.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Resort News                                                                   
The lake is at its warmest, a balmy 74 degrees.  It’s a good day for a cooling swim or fun on the trampoline.  Cooler still, take a turn at waterskiing and wakeboarding with our Ski Nautique water skiing boat. Yolo paddle boards are new this season and the harbor staff is ready to get you started.  Explore in small craft, canoes, kayaks, Sunfish sailboats or small outboards.  Reserve the Tidewater seven-person powerboat and venture further out on the lake. Captain Brian’s narrated EScape cruise has been keeping tabs on two eagle fledglings and three osprey youngsters…and their parents, nesting along Otter Creek.

What could be better on a hot day than a seat in the shade, great views and an ice cream cone in your hand. The Harbor Store has a treasure trove of goodies for you including soft and hard ice cream, milkshakes and ice-cream novelties, cold drinks, candies galore, water toys, logo tees and plenty more to browse.

Perk up summer meals at home with some Basin Harbor Cooking Class expertise.       Rumor has it that Chef Tony fancies Gnocchi this Tuesday, Ravioli on Wednesday and an Eggplant dish on Friday.

Ready to row? Matt Witten, our boating guide and naturalist teams up with the Maritime Museum to offer morning and afternoon rowing gigs on the 32 foot pilot gig, Maple, a six-person replica of a 1800’s pulling boat used in Cornwall, England, a new, yet old experience.

Watch the Olympics any time in the Champlain Lounge Library, the Club Room at any time except when a scheduled event is taking place (check with the concierge), the Red Mill from 11:30am to 1:00am, or the Fairway Cafe from 8:00 to 5:30.

Very few reservations remain for tonight’s Chef’s Tasting Wines Dinner in the Garden Room featuring Wines from Spain this week.  Chef Rod Rehwinkel has prepared eight special courses, and Joss Vandal, our connoiseur of wines will be there to describe the wine pairing selections and to enjoy them with you.

Time flies when you’re comfortably seated on a shady lawn, and we realize that one hundred and three years has passed since Allen Penfield Beach designed the Basin Harbor Adirondack chair.  For memories, think about taking home a small version of “the chair” from the Breezeway Shop, either Doll size, teddy Bear or Ornamental (great for your Christmas tree).