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The Daily Breeze, July 23

Tuesday Schedule

 July 23, 2013
Week  29

Sunrise 5:31am
Sunset 8:28pm

Local Weather (Subject to Change!)

The Harbor may experience some clouds to accompany a high of 77 degrees, with a 70% chance of precipitation and thundershowers in the mix.
Guest News

How nice to see some familiar faces on this fine Tuesday! Arriving today to join the Krakoff Family Reunion are Hale & Nellie Walcoff and Wendy from Adamsville, RI as well as Irwin Krakoff and Rosemary Mackey from Bristol, VT, and William & Claire Thompson from Burlingame, CA with Billy, Eloise, and Charlie. Glad to have you all! From New Canaan, CT we welcome two lovely groups, Margaret Joyce and family and Phil & Trish Desantis with their crew. Austen & Anne Furse and family are here from Houston, TX while Mr. & Mrs. Burnett Seel arrive from Williamsburg, VA to join Mr. & Mrs. John Seel. Last but not least, a warm “hello” goes out to Beth Lybik of Dublin, OH along with Andrew and Molly. We hope you all have a wonderful stay at Basin Harbor Club!


Bingo News

Congratulations to our lucky Bingo winners from Sunday night! Duncan Murdock from Michigan pulled off the first winning Bingo round, followed by a Postage Stamp victory for Matthew Fiorita of Darien, CT. Our Quebecois friend La Belle Jocelyne stole away with the prize for X Marks the Spot, while Picture Frame went to Faith from California. Two lucky Manhattan Beach, CA residents, Jessie Ralph and Ari Lear, came up with the winning bingos for High Stakes and Loser’s Bingo, respectively. And finally, our Blackout Champion title of the night belonged to the one and only Jack Morrissey of Wilton, CT, who won himself $125 smackers in the final round. Well done, Bingo players! We’ll see you again on Thursday!


Resort News

Ann-Marie will be capturing candid images at various events throughout the day and this evening at the Harbor Fair. Please feel free to say hello and let her know if you have any requests. Our Family Portrait Special will be available tonight at Harbor Fair and Thursday morning at the Wilderneath Garden.  Space is limited, so please sign up in advance with the concierge.

If you missed the early morning Boot Camp today, you still have another chance on Thursday! Sign up at the Treehouse Wellness Center and be ready to meet at 7am for a series of strength and conditioning exercises that will make breakfast taste all that much better! For something a little less intense, the Wellness Center also offers Gentle Yoga and Total Conditioning, all before lunch, so your afternoon can be free for other harbor activities!

Have you gotten your pair of Darn Tough socks yet? We know it’s Summer, but a pair of socks made in Vermont will keep your feet toasty in the winter and dry during a workout. Visit the Golf & Resort Shop and go shopping!

Those who joined naturalist Matthew Witten for the Adirondack Hike on Monday know that he has a wealth of information and humor to contribute to your Lake Champlain adventures! Tomorrow morning, join Matt and try your hand at Rowing a 19th Century Replica Pilot Gig during one of two time slots. Matt will tell you all about the history of these colorful, seaworthy crafts as you synchronize with your crew and enjoy a lovely morning out on the lake! Sign up in advance for this wonderful and unique opportunity.

Let’s face it: you and your family are having so much fun, you already can’t wait to come back to Basin Harbor next year! It’s never too early to start planning. Stop by the Reservation Table in the lobby tomorrow morning from 8 to 10am to book your reservations for Summer 2014. We can’t wait to have you back!

After dinner, prepare to be amazed by Storytellers Tim Jennings and Leanne Ponder. This dynamic duo will dazzle you in the Club Room with music and tales of near and far. Not to be missed!


Quote of the Day:

“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”

 ~Douglas Adams