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The Daily Breeze, July 31

Week 30
July 31, 2012

Sunrise and Sunset
5:40 am    8:19 pm

Local Weather (Subject to Change!)
On this last day of July we can look forward to a high of 85 degrees and partly sunny skies.

Guest News
We are delighted to welcome our returning guest Lisa Costello from the capitol, Washington, DC. Glad to have you back! Also with us are Brian and Meg McSherry, who were married here at Basin Harbor and have returned from Newton, MA to celebrate their Anniversary along with their daughter Lilly. We hope you have a wonderful celebration!

Bingo News
Basin Harbor’s favorite game brought in some big winners on Sunday night! Our first game resulted in a tie between Carol Maggiore from Wheatfield, NY and Jasper Houghton Bird from Los Angeles, CA. Another tie for game two went to Jonna Mattingly of New York, NY and Eddie Gambelli of Bernardsville, NJ. Taylor Houghton from New York, NY scooped up the pot for the third game, and Austin Furse of Houston, TX nabbed the win for game four. Game five was dominated by Billie Sperry from Darien, CT, and Jill Dymczyk of Berlin, CT won the pile for game six. The unsinkable Ralph Arnsdorf from Baltimore, MD carried off the prize for lucky game seven. And finally, our champion Carrie Bolster from Acton, MA, scored big-time for Blackout and went home $111 bucks happier.

Wildlife News
It would seem that critters around BHC are starting to adapt to the Basin Harbor way! The other day, our guests Penn and Weezie Griffen spotted a squirrel up in a tree savoring an ice cream cone from the Harbor Store. Meanwhile, the Arnsdorfs returned from a bike ride to find that their dog Kenzie had lapped up almost an entire beachside cocktail that had been placed conveniently at dog-height. Keep an eye on those critters. Next thing you know there will be ospreys sitting down to a lobster dinner on the North Dock!

Golf News
The golf course is in excellent shape, so put some greens into your daily diet! We have something to suit every schedule, whether you have enough time for seeing all 18 holes, playing 9 of ‘em, or just visiting the driving range for a bit. Need a bite in between rounds of golf, or between swims at the pool? Head to The Fairway Café, our open-air canteen on the porch of the golf shop serving breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks daily from 8:30am to 5pm. Look for panini-style sandwiches, and beverages ranging from soda and iced tea to beer and bloody marys. The Fairway is open to everyone and is not included in BHC meal plans. The Olympics will be onscreen at the café all week long!

Resort News
Who doesn’t love Italian food? If you’d like to learn the secrets straight from the source, don’t miss Cooking with Chef Tony today, tomorrow and Thursday! Chef Tony is originally from Capri, Italy, and spent years working in Switzerland and Montreal before setting up shop in Vermont with his award-winning Villa Tragara Ristorante in Waterbury Center, now known as Michael’s On The Hill. Chef Tony will tantalize your tastebuds with his traditional recipes as you learn how to cook the real Italian way in our open-air North Dock kitchen. Sign up in advance with the concierge.

Ann-Marie will be capturing candid images at various events throughout the day and this evening at the Harbor Fair. Please feel free to say hello and let her know if you have any requests. Our Family Portrait Special will be available tonight at Harbor Fair and Thursday morning at the Wilderneath Garden.  Space is limited, so please sign up in advance with the concierge.

Basin Harbor offers a very unique opportunity this evening to help kick your post-dinner imagination into gear. Two of Vermont’s most famous storytellers, Tim Jennings and Leanne Ponder, will be here tonight, with stories and music that will engage crowds of all ages. Come see the magic!

Quote of the Day
“A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I’m afraid of widths.” ~ Steven Wright