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The Daily Breeze, June 29

Saturday Schedule

Week 26
June 29, 2013

Sunrise     Sunset
5:12am         8:41pm

Local Weather (Subject to Change!)
A high of 80 degrees will cap off our precipitous day, with moisture on the radar and possibly a thunderstorm or two, especially likely in the afternoon. You never know when the sun might shine through, but keep your umbrellas handy!

Guest News
Basin Harbor sends out a warm welcome to our returning guests coming in for this festive week of Independence Day fun! We are glad to see Sherrod Morehead & Lynda Britton from Cleveland, OH back at the harbor to partake in festivities. The Foley Family is visiting from Ingomar, PA, and we are glad to say hello to C.L. & Patti with Sarah, Katie, and Emily, as well as Joe & Laura Daly with Erin and Paige, and of course Charles & Marilane Foley who are celebrating their 55th Anniversary! From Greenwich, CT we welcome back Ford & Elizabeth Barker, as well as Liza Leventhal of Lexington, MA. The Mathews Family joins us from Bethesda, MD and Stamford, CT, and it’s good to see Alex & Katie, Adam & Cheri with Adam, Jr., Elizabeth, and Giovanni & Betsy Prezioso along with Emily. Great to have you all back! From Ballston Lake, NY we welcome John & Joan Murphy, and from Newtown, PA we are joined by Stephen & Jean Haeckel with the company of Reed and Sarah. It’s good to see Thomas & Susan Knight from Hopkinton, MA again this summer, with Victoria and Charlotte in tow, and we also look forward to our visit with Jeffrey & Marjorie Naiman and Daniel and David of Summit, NJ this week. Lee Ann Rhodes and family are back from Fulton, MD for some summer fun, and we welcome back David & Lisa Colman with Joseph and Catherine from Natick, MA. Basin Harbor is delighted to see Fred & Lisa Robins with William and Matthew of Maplewood, NJ, as well as Gary & Jami Thall and Colby from South Orange, NJ and Bette Jacobson from Summit, NJ. Phil & Stacey Zuckerman are here from Claremont, CA along with Rudy, Flora, and Augustus, joined by Marvin & Gidget Zuckerman of Pacific Palisades, CA. Welcome back! We’re excited to have our friends Steven & Katherine Bergholtz of Wenham, MA returning to us for another season along with the lovely Sheridan and birthday boy Spencer. Timothy & Juliette Britton of Peru, VT join us this week, with Noah, Miles, and Josie, while Stephen & Debby Wilson of Maplewood, NJ are visiting with Lily and Emmett. Last but not least, the whole Basin Harbor Club staff is very excited to have the Solinger gang visiting this week. We missed you last year! So wonderful to see you all again this summer!

Resort News
First order of business: hearty congratulations belong to Lillie Farrell, who won the Trivia Tournament yesterday with a three-point lead over her opponent. Way to go!

The Breezeway Gift Shop will be open from 8:30am to 5pm every day, so be sure to stock up on souvenirs, BHC merchandise and other goodies to remember your summer here at the Harbor. And don’t forget to stop in at the Golf Shop for your clothing needs, including a handsome selection of Vermont-made Darn Tough socks for every sock situation you might encounter. For a tasty afternoon treat, the Harbor Store is open for business from 10 to 5pm daily. Stop in for a creemee, twisted with style by our expert soft-serve connoisseurs, and check out the new selection of old-time toys for sale.

How about this rainy week! Mother Nature is certainly giving us some unusual summer weather, but there is still plenty of fun to be had at Basin Harbor! Due to a private function taking place in the lodge this afternoon, we are moving the fun to the Town Hall! Come on by for a whole day’s worth of events. You will have the opportunity to participate in the Wii Open tennis tournament, followed by more games and a movie this evening. In the late afternoon, come play The Game, an outrageous good time for all, which involves elements of charades and Taboo, and tests your ability to communicate with your teammates as you earn points. Bring teams of 2 to 4, or make teams when you arrive. Prizes will be awarded!

For dinner tonight, make your reservations for our taste bud-tingling Farm to Table Buffet, held tonight in the Ranger Room. Basin Harbor Club, once the home of Food Fresh Farm, continues to promotes Vermont’s dedication to locally grown food and the farms of Addison County. You can taste the difference!

To coincide with Vermont’s reputation for handcrafted and wild foods, we have a brand new exciting opportunity on the radar for the honey bee enthusiasts out there. Peter Morris will take you on a tour of his Apiary on Sunday afternoon, and you can sign up with the concierge in advance. Space is very limited, and please be sure not to wear any fragrances or involve any bananas in your world the day of the tour, as these things can agitate these sensitive insects.

Finally, to kick off your week of summer merriment at BHC, head to the Red Mill for a dose of late-night fun with a bona fide Basin Harbor DJ Dance Party! Top Hat Entertainment will be spinning the tunes and crafting up a good time for all, with the help of your trusty bartenders Maggie and Jason.

Quote of the Day:
“Everybody wants happiness nobody wants pain, but you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.” ~Anonymous