view of harbor from lodge lawn
view of harbor from lodge lawn
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The February Thaw

The past two days have been warm, sunny, and in the 40s, quite a teaser!  The snow has retreated but some rain has fallen to make everything quite slick, and the temperature is headed down for the next few days.  We’ll need crampons to get about.

A beaver is out and about, busily chewing – and felling – trees immediately surrounding the Harbor.  Just today we noticed two small ones by the EScape dock which have succumbed.   And so far no one has caught a glimpse of the critter, either.  Let’s hope it doesn’t have a lot of friends.

Speaking of friends, we love hearing from you, so please send us your comments.  We had a recent question about how the Breeze masthead came to include “Blows Most Any Time”.  We suspect that our grandfather, Allen P. Beach, came up with it because the earliest copies of the Breeze that we have, dating from the very early 1920s, all have that phrase.  AP, as he was known, loved poetry and inspirational sayings.   He also loved woodworking and was an amateur architect who designed all of Basin Harbor’s many different cottages.