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Vermont Golf Course Update: Basin Harbor

The week of our country’s Independence brought rain, humidity and pop-up thunder storms. Far from our idyllic scene of the nuclear family grilling hot dogs and hamburgers outside on July 4th. Although, we did have our bouts of sun and guests seemed to emerge from their cabins as quickly as the sun came to take a quick dip or get out on the water. A huge part of Vermont summers and a Basin Harbor summer is golf. Many locals golf and many people chose to vacation at Basin Harbor because of our lovely course. After my talk with PGA pro, Paul Meunier, I can see why!

I learned that Basin Harbor golf course was one of the only Vermont golf courses that did not completely close course during the rainy week we had. We did have two days where we couldn’t allow carts out on the course, but our golf team and grounds crew quickly corrected any flaws and had the course ready to roll like the rain never even happened. Paul used the term “resilient” for our course, explaining that the storms we had seemed to have split around Basin Harbor which kept the course in playable shape.

I often hear the term “The Basin Harbor Bubble” when we’re talking about weather here. There is always that tough decision whether or not to call an event indoors based on the multicolored radar that glooms in our futures, but then “The Basin Harbor Bubble” gets introduced in the conversation, and the consensus is to keep the event outside. It seems this anomaly is actually quite true, weather has a tendency to split around us or pass us by on its way to Burlington. Therefore, we still have a beautiful, playable course for you all to enjoy!

Just the other day we hosted a PGA tournament at Basin Harbor Club. Paul said that eighteen golf pros from around Vermont joined us and remarked how great our course was and how much better shape it was in than others around the state.

We also have an exciting bit of news to announce! Seventeen year old, Jared Tananbaum, got a hole in one on hole 7 last week. Well done, Jared!

The course is looking great and the forecast even better. The ground is a bit soggy still and there are lots (and lots) of mosquitos out there. Be sure to wear protective clothing and use repellent to deter those pesky insects!

See you on the course!