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Dreaming of blossoming flowers? Waking up standing over a sad, unpacked suitcase? Finding yourself needing to wear more and more layers of clothing as the mercury drops? You’re not alone. We have come to understand this seasonal, satirical sickness as Winteritis.

After decades of research we’re proud to announce we have found a defense against the harshness Winteritis inflicts. Although there is no way to avoid it; these at-home remedies can help:

  1. SUMMER SUBMERSION: If life permits, book a one way ticket to Bora Bora and stay there until it’s at least 60 degrees back home.
  2. DIETARY CHANGES: Add pineapple, cremees,  and mojitos (recipe here!) to your menu.
  3. ENGAGE YOUR SENSE: Listen to one of our Spotify playlists . Yes, we do have DJ Charlie’s Red Mill favorites.
  4. BOOK YOUR TRIP TO BASIN HARBOR: Although you can’t come right now (nor would you want to) our studies have shown that by thinking about your summer trip and planning it, can help combat Winteritis. Visit our website. Daily. Or call one of the ladies in Reservations to book your stay.
  5. PLAN YOUR GARDEN: There’s something that makes our souls smile when thinking about spending time getting your toes in the dirt and planting seeds that will soon be delicious goods for you to enjoy. Order your seed catalogs or get online versions to start planning your planting.