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You Only Live Once!

The water is calm, the sun is out, I’m wearing my favorite summer swimming costume, and I am standing in the middle of the lake with a paddle. Yes, indeed, “standing”. I am on a YOLO, one of Basin Harbor’s brand new stand-up paddleboards, for the first time.

It was a bit of an unsteady beginning, not being exactly sure where to put my feet or how to shift my weight to balance the whole thing. I started on my knees and edged away from the dock and into the harbor to test out a slow and steady standing-up operation. A daunting task at first, I kept at it. I paddled out of the harbor around the corner where less people would be laughing and pointing as I wobbled into standing position again.

And now I’m out here in Lake Champlain. I look over at my best friend, also trying out a YOLO board for the first time. We laugh at each other as we balance ourselves through a few mild wakes. Just like anything new, it takes a little getting used to, but only a few minutes up the lake and we feel like old pros. What fun!
Once in North Harbor, the two of us decide to take a rest from our little learning session, and we discover the bonus feature provided by these roomy boards—they are basically long, comfy, personal floating docks. We plop down on our YOLOs and lounge in the sun. Feet dangling into the cool water, a best friend bobbing a few feet away, life is good here in Vermont!

After a proper lounging session, we paddle back. We glide into the harbor with confidence, making a triumphant return as novice paddleboarders turned experts, all within an hour. If you have never been on a YOLO board, the opportunity is waiting for you today and every day at the waterfront!

After all, You Only Live Once!

YOLO-ingly Yours,

Abbey Andersen