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Lake Champlain + The Green Mountains + The Adirondacks + 130 years of superb hospitality + 700 acres of lakefront property = The Perfect Summer Job.

We have repeatedly been voted one of Vermont’s “Best Places to Work” making Basin Harbor the place to be this season!

We’re so glad that you have considered joining our team. We go to great lengths to find the best people we can, and it shows in guest comments on friendly, helpful staff. We strive to not only provide excellent customer service to our guests but also remember that often our fellow staff members are our customers too. We aim to treat everyone with respect and courtesy and it will come back to you in pleasant ways. We hope if you join us this summer you’ll have the opportunity to explore this great state of ours. There is a lot to see and do here even though we’re a small state and because of that, too things are fairly close by.

Our goal is everyone works hard yet plays hard this summer at BH!

Best Wishes,
Pennie Beach and Robert Beach Jr, 4th Generation Hosts


The Basin Harbor Mission Statement: The Basin Harbor family shares generations of exceptional hospitality. The natural beauty of Lake Champlain and the talents of our team combine to enliven the senses and make memories.

Basin Harbor employs approximately 270 seasonal employees each year and approximately 30 year-round employees. We are proud to welcome back our seasonal employees again and again, proving that BH is indeed one of the best summer jobs you could have.

Your role as an employee is an important one. You can contribute much to the success of Basin Harbor. Whenever guest opportunities arise, we empower you to always make service decisions based on what the best outcome can be for our guests. We encourage you to participate in the process by being creative and expressing ideas. Your primary goal, as a member of the BH family, is to perform all assigned duties to the best of your abilities with the end result being guest satisfaction. We encourage you, when possible, to exceed the guest’s expectations. A positive “can do” attitude can make a good guest experience a great guest experience. Basin Harbor is an EMPLOYMENT AT WILL company. The employee handbook is only intended to summarize the policies, procedures and benefits at BH, which reserves the right to modify, terminate or change any or all such plans, policies and procedures at any time with or without notice.

All staff get one or two full days off each week. Weekends tend to be our busiest time, so plan on being scheduled for Saturdays or Sundays (or both). Due to the length of our season and the difficulty in scheduling, staff are allowed just one or two “special requested” days off per season and requests must be made at least two weeks in advance. Should something unexpected come up, your department supervisor will try to accommodate you, depending on the situation and availability of alternate coverage. If you’d like to plan a trip to see another part of the country, please wait and do your traveling after the season is over.

Most staff work 37-40 hours per week. Paychecks are distributed every other week. Direct Deposit is available.

The overall appearance of Basin Harbor is vitally important for our success. Our guests insist on quality accommodations and service. For our employees, we insist on providing a clean and inviting workplace and ask you to participate in maintaining that cleanliness.

Basin Harbor will provide specific uniform pieces that are unique to the position, but each staff member should plan to come to property with at least 2 pairs of light colored khaki shorts or pants, and 2 pairs of black dress pants or trousers. Staff members who are not provided uniform pieces are expected to dress in business casual attire. Most staff members are required to wear closed-toed shoes while on the clock (please see your supervisor to determine if you are exempt from this requirement). This is in the best interest of the safety of our staff.

It is expected of all staff to always be neat in appearance, reliable, outgoing and have a positive attitude. Conservative appearance and dress is a requirement for our resort. Males may not wear earrings while on duty. Employees are expected to be neatly shaven, with mustaches and beards neatly trimmed. Neither can be grown during the work season. No extreme hairstyles or colors. Staff must have conservative hairstyles, makeup and nail polish. All jewelry must be small and conservative. No heavy perfume or colognes should be worn while working. For all staff—body piercing aside from ears must not be visible.

If you have any other questions please email

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So Much To Do. Kayak. Canoe. Swim. Tennis. Run. Walk. Bike. Golf. Pitch. Putt. Work Out. Yoga. Nature Trails. Badminton. Soccer. Frisbee. Basketball. Relax. Read. Nap. Shop. Explore. Hike.

Please enjoy your summer fun at BH, be safe and remember that when using recreational facilities, the guests must come first. While off duty, employees may enjoy the following amenities:

  • Complimentary Golf – Employees must abide by all rules and etiquette of golf, dress in appropriate attire and footwear (no jeans or teeshirts!). Tee times are required and are subject to availability.
  • Use of the Waterfront – Employees of Basin Harbor are permitted to recreate at the waterfront area. During very busy times such as the Beach Party, we do ask staff to refrain from utilizing the waterfront area. Swimming in our beautiful lake is of course a benefit to working at BH, however please exercise caution and be safe. Please restrict your swimming to daylight hours only. Rides on our tour boat, The Escape are available, however subject to availability. Kayaks and Canoes are available at no charge. Water-skiing is available at scheduled times, keep your eye open for posters.
  • Shopping: Employees receive a 20% discount on all items except immediately consumable  food and some merchandise in the Golf Shop, Gift Shop and Harbor Store.
  • Wireless Internet: Our property is equipped with Wireless Internet. See HR for more information.
  • Restaurants: 20% discount on dining at the Red Mill, Main Dining Room or Theme Dinners
  • Wellness Center: Our fitness center is available to employees from noon to 10pm. Fitness Classes such as Yoga and Pilates are offered to employees at no cost, but are subject to availability.
  • Reduced rates at certain resorts and hotels across the US.  As a member of the Historic Hotels of America (HHA) and Resort Hotels of America (RHA) we can offer discounted rates to our employees at other properties across the US. Rates are determined by those properties and reservations are awarded based on availability.

At all times we ask that you respect our “guest first” policy and to be friendly, helpful and courteous whether on or off duty.

Each week the Human Resources Office will coordinate staff trips into town, to Burlington or a nearby shopping area for those staff who do not have access to their own transportation.

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Housing Information

Basin Harbor has housing available for a limited number of staff. In order to be considered for housing, an employee must live at least 30 miles away from property or considered to be in a significant key position for the season that requires housing.  Room and Board is $85.00/week and includes all meals.  All staff that fulfill their contracted term of work will be eligible for an end of season bonus of $10.00 for every week worked, contingent on housing unit being left in satisfactory condition.

Smoking is NOT permitted in the cottages, dorm rooms, or motel rooms. Those who choose to violate this policy will automatically forfeit the full room deposit and will face disciplinary action.

Pets are NOT allowed in units on property. Keep in mind you will be spending long hours away from your room; please be considerate of your pets best interests and leave them at home. For any special request please speak with Human Resources to discuss your options. Individuals discovered housing pets without approval will charged $200 / pet and face disciplinary action.

Housing Expectations

  1. Keep rooms, bathrooms and shared living spaces neat and clean (there’s an inspection once each week).
  2. Be friendly and courteous to our guests and fellow staff members.
  3. Take your job seriously and strive to do your best at all times.
  4. Be helpful and flexible at all times.
  5. Respect your neighbors by not playing music loudly, engaging in illegal activities, violating housing rules and agreements.

Our staff are encouraged to take advantage of the amenities and benefits the resorts offers to our guests. With that privilege we do expect that staff will conduct themselves in a professional appropriate manner whether they are on or off the clock. Any inappropriate behavior off duty will be addressed with your department supervisor and the Human Resource Department.


Staff who reside in housing are provided with 3 meals a day. Meals are served buffet style in the Staff Dining Room at the Lodge. All staff are expected to bus their own dishes and utensils and keep the dining room and buffet area picked-up. The Chef makes an effort to prepare meals that are varied, healthy, and good to eat and encourages your suggestions and comments. Staff who do not live on property have the option to purchase a meal plan and dine in the Staff Dining Room.

What To Bring

Spending your summer at Basin Harbor is much like heading off to college. We can provide linens and towels for you but feel free to bring your own if you prefer. The rooms will be furnished with dressers, chair, nightstand, lighting, bed and pillow. We would recommend if you can, to bring your own pillow. We suggest that you not bring valuables with you. It is the employee’s responsibility to lock their room. BH is not responsible for any lost or stolen goods. Basin Harbor is located in prime biking country. Remember to bring a lock with you.

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