Celebration Destination

Whether you’re a proud parent attending commencement, looking for a place to take your freshmen on family weekend, or an alum returning for a long weekend, Basin Harbor is your haven for creating cherished college memories. From scenic lakeside accommodations to exciting recreational activities, Basin Harbor offers the perfect backdrop for every festive occasion. Join us in embracing the spirit of academia and camaraderie amidst the beauty of Vermont’s breathtaking landscapes.

You can choose to stay in one of our 74 cottages, each one unique, or in guest rooms in one of our four lodges. Many of the cottages were originally built according to the wishes of individual guests who drew up their own plans. Just like members of any community, the cottages’ own special traits and nuances infuse the resort with personality.

Basin Harbor welcomes large families and groups with ease, enabling everyone to be together without having to fit under the same roof. It’s more like visiting a small lakeside Vermont town than staying in a hotel.

Celebrate Your Grad!

Treat your graduate to an unforgettable evening along the shores of Lake Champlain. Begin the festivities with a breathtaking sunset cocktail cruise aboard our 44-passenger cruise boat, where panoramic views and gentle breezes set the perfect tone for toasting to success. Afterward, continue the soirée with a private dinner, where delectable cuisine and personalized service await. Cap off the night at the Red Mill, ensuring your graduate’s milestone is commemorated in the most memorable way possible.

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