Vermont Cottage Resort

Exterior Cottage at Basin Harbor
74 different choices for lakeside bliss.

There are no cookie-cutter vacations at Basin Harbor. Each guest’s experience is distinct and special. Part of that stems from the fact that each of our 74 cottages is unique in layout, decor, and features.

Back in the 1920’s and 30’s when the cottages were originally constructed, families would send in their own specs and designs, and we would build them a lakeside oasis, just as they pleased. That said, we have held on to the lasting tradition of no televisions in any of our accommodations.

Today, Basin Harbor has undertaken a significant effort to upgrade all our cottages, working with renowned interior designer, author, and stylist Joanne Palmisano to improve the experience while also preserving the distinct character of each space.

Bulldog next to a mini red Adirondack chair at Basin Harbor
Bring your best friend to Vermont

All of Basin Harbor’s cottages are pet friendly and the resort is a great place for dogs. There are acres of trails for you both to explore and dogs even have their own swimming area, Fanny’s Beach.

Entree and wine on table in Ardelia's restaurant with view of the harbor
Meal Plans

Focus on making memories instead of making dinner. At Basin Harbor, we recommend opting for a meal plan that’s easy and cost effective, with options ranging from just breakfast to three meals a day.

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