Shuttle rides are available to our guests to transport to and from other destinations. Shuttles are available anywhere within a one-hour drive of property. Popular shuttle locations include: Burlington International Airport (BTV), Downtown Middlebury, Vergennes-Ferrisburgh Amtrak Train Station. Please note these are open shuttle rides, and you could find yourself sharing the space.

Flat Fee based on destination

BTV Airport, Burlington, VT– $110.00

Vergennes Downtown – $35.00

Vergennes-Ferrisburgh Amtrak Station – $45.00

Essex, VT Amtrak Station – $135.00

Middlebury Downtown- $65.00

Additional $10.00 per person in addition to flat fee

For Round-Trips – Driver waiting times are included

< 30 minutes – $25.00

30 to 60 minutes – $50.00

60 to 120 minutes – $100.00

Shuttle reservations are based on availability (first come, first served). These are not guaranteed private rides, unless specified in your request; a fee may be added for exclusivity.

Shuttles requested less than 24 hours from departure time can be accommodated but should be managed directly with a member of our guest services team.

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